Press Release: Central California City Chooses AssetWorks FuelFocusEV to Support Growing Electric Vehicle Fleet

Central California City Chooses AssetWorks FuelFocusEV to Support Growing Electric Vehicle Fleet

WAYNE, Pa. July 7, 2021 AssetWorks, a leading provider of fleet, fuel and asset management software solutions, announced today that a Central California city has chosen FuelFocusEV and ChargePoint chargers to support its growing electric vehicle fleet.

FuelFocusEV is an electric vehicle (EV) charging integrator that brings EV charging data into fleet’s existing enterprise systems- even if more than one type charging network or hardware is being used. Major EV charging networks already supported by FuelFocusEV include ChargePoint, SemaConnect, FreeWire and more to be announced. Through these partnerships, FuelFocusEV imports charging data from more than 58 different makes and models of electric vehicle chargers.

For each network supported by FuelFocusEV, a direct API integration has been developed to import EV charging usage and cost information in real-time. That data is then reported alongside petroleum and other alternative fuels, used to bill internal departments and feeds into capital asset management planning tools as well. Because charging costs can change in 15 minute periods due to demand and time-of-use rates it is practically impossible for fleets to manage EV charging data without a software solution like this in place.

“The scaled deployment of EVs requires mature solutions to fuel management. Tactics that worked during small-scale pilots need to be reviewed prior to large-scale EV deployments where charging costs are orders of magnitude greater and require more care and consideration,” said AssetWorks EV Product Manager Mike Terreri. “This innovative California city is deploying a solution that is automated, secure and ready for actual fleet operations, regardless of where the charging event and costs occur across the 80+ ChargePoint chargers located across the city.”

About AssetWorks: AssetWorks is a leading supplier of fleet management software, automated fueling systems and enterprise asset management software in North America and the United Kingdom, with more than 550 software customers, including private fleet operators as well as City, County, State and Federal organizations. AssetWorks solutions enable fleet organizations of all sizes to improve maintenance practices, streamline operations and improve accountability for mission-critical transportation assets.

To learn more about FuelFocusEV, please visit the website or fill out the form below for additional information. 


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