Press Release: AssetWorks Releases New Mobile App for Capital Asset Management

WAYNE, Pa., September 10, 2019 AssetWorks, a leading provider of integrated fleet management software solutions, announced today a new mobile solution to provide a comprehensive offering for Capital Asset Management (CAM) for the fleet industry.

Receive and Inspect is a mobile solution that integrates directly with CAM, the industry-leading life-cycle cost analysis software. With Receive and Inspect, fleet organizations will be able to check in newly purchased assets that have arrived. This includes an initial ability to accept or reject an entire order or any of the individual assets within an order. Furthermore, users can complete a detailed, custom inspection of the assets, attaching notes, serial numbers, attributes and other information as needed. Once finished, the asset and information will be sent to the organization’s fleet management software, eliminating the need for paperwork or duplicate data entry.

“AssetWorks is very excited to offer the Receive and Inspect SmartApp to provide the fleet industry with an additional powerful tool to integrated with CAM,” said Marc Knight, Senior Fleet Consultant at AssetWorks, “Not only will this solution expedite the receipt and inspection of new assets, but it will also help to reduce data errors in the fleet management system through a seamless, real-time workflow from an onsite mobile device.”

If a fleet organization would like to learn more about Receive and Inspect or schedule a custom software demonstration, they can click here, or fill out the form below.

About AssetWorks: AssetWorks is a leading supplier of fleet management software, automated fueling systems and enterprise asset management software in North America and the United Kingdom, with more than 550 software customers, including private fleet operators as well as City, County, State and Federal organizations. AssetWorks solutions enable fleet organizations of all sizes to improve maintenance practices, streamline operations and improve accountability for mission-critical transportation assets.

AssetWirjs Recieve and Inspect mobile app for capital asset management

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