How to Choose the Best Fleet Fuel Cards for your Organization

Filling up at fuel pump with the best fleet fuel cards

Fuel is consistently one of the largest expenses for any modern fleet organization. With fuel cards (and powerful fleet management software integration!), you can easily track and analyze outside purchases, including fuel, maintenance and miscellaneous activities, like car washes. Before making a decision on investing in fuel cards, make sure that you choose the best fleet fuel cards for your organization.

Before making the jump, consider these factors:

Understand your current operations

If your fleet organization is looking to streamline purchasing using fleet fuel cards and you are responsible for tracking, monitoring, or reporting on this spend, here are some questions you should ask yourself:

• How much transparency do you currently have on transactions?
• What kind of control do you have over purchases?
• How often do you worry about errors and accuracy of reportable data?

Check location limitations

Not all fleet fuel cards are built the same. In fact, many card companies have restrictions so your employees can only use them at certain locations. These restrictions not only waste your employees’ time while they search for an accepted location, but it also wastes fuel.

The best fleet fuel cards are backed by widely accepted companies, like MasterCard. With a universally accepted card, your fleet employees can use the fuel card at just about any location.

Choose powerful integration

Investing in fuel cards for your fleet organization is a great first step to controlling your fueling and other outside purchases. However, this investment alone won’t help you take back control. The best fleet fuel cards on the market today support powerful integration with your fleet management software system. Integration with your existing fleet system ensures that all of your important fleet data exists in one location, which allows for improved analysis and data integrity.

Ready to invest in the best fleet fuel card on the market? Meet the AssetWorks TRIPCard. TRIPCard is a Timely, Reportable, Integrated Purchase card for fleet organizations.


Purchase cards with TRIPCard’s high level of capability allow transactions to be monitored in near real-time through an easily accessible dashboard.


All purchases are accessible through a reporting database within the FleetFocus fleet management system, which allows users to create their own reports or use one of the many out-of-the-box reports available.


As one of the best fleet fuel cards available on the market today, TRIPCard seamlessly integrates with the FleetFocus system. With this powerful integration, your fleet can:

  • Avoid manual entry of invoice or receipts, which reduces the amount of paperwork and human error
  • Control where purchases can be made and what can be purchased; which ultimately helps to reduce fraud and misuse
  • Track spending by vendor, which provides opportunity to manage budgets more closely and negotiate discounts

See TRIPCard’s powerful features for yourself. Schedule a custom demonstration today:


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