5 Benefits of Hosted Fleet Management Software

When investing in fleet management software, there are many questions to consider, including: How should the software handle preventive maintenance schedules? Can we integrate with fuel management software? And, should we consider hosted fleet management software?

Hosted fleet software means your software vendor hosts your software and data at their location, instead of at your location.

There are many benefits to this solution, including:

1. Convenient Support

When you host your fleet management software with your software provider, you never need to worry about maintenance or support. Your software vendor’s support team is likely located in the same building as your data!

At AssetWorks, we can host our fleet software at our headquarters, so our knowledgeable support staff can maintain your hardware and software in one, convenient location.

2. Savings on operating costs

When your fleet software vendor hosts your software, you can save money on operating costs. After an up-front or annual hosting fee, you can expect savings in: upgrade fees, electricity, hardware purchases, additional staff and more.

3. Secure data

Does the thought of keeping all of your vital and confidential fleet data at your location make you nervous? With hosted fleet management software, you can rest assured that your important data is being protected and monitored by industry professionals.

4. Timely upgrades

Upgrading fleet software and hardware can quickly turn into an administrative or operational headache. When you host your fleet software with your vendor, upgrades become more manageable.

At AssetWorks, we plan for not only fleet management software upgrades for our hosted clients, but we also perform hardware upgrades as well.

5. Fewer in-house IT staff

Your internal IT staff has enough on their plates. With hosted fleet management software, your vendor’s IT and support team schedule and perform upgrades, as well as respond to any failures or emergencies that may occur.

To learn more about hosted fleet management software with AssetWorks, click here.


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