This… is… the AssetWorks Game Show! How well do you know your software?

The rules of this game are simple, similar to the popular TV show, Jeopardy. Below is a grid of answers, each with an assigned point value. Before hovering over any tile, read the answer it presents and guess the question associated with it. Hovering over a tile with your mouse (or touching it on your mobile device screen) will reveal the question. See how well you know your AssetWorks features and products!

400 pts.

This FleetFocus module could be used to bill work order transactions, view end of month charges and adjust and edit transactions.

What is Billing?

400 pts.

This product could be used to manage information and tasks related to fuel and fluid operations, including fuel ticketing, tank information and more.

What is FuelFocus?

400 pts.

This module could be used to set up and use instant alerts and messaging. Additionally, utilizing this module AssetWorks can create custom scenarios for everything from usage, equipment information and maintenance needs (along with much more).

What is Notifications?

600 pts.

This module could be used to reference information from your database and reformat that data into an effective visual and organized report for quick referencing operations, equipment and asset information.

What is Reporting?

600 pts.

This feature could be used to view and manage inventory, receive orders and put away items. Also, tracking and receiving of parts.

What is Storeroom and Storekeeper/Inventory Management?

600 pts.

This feature could be used to keep track of information for replacements and labor from the manufacturer, like when an electrical component has gone out on your vehicle that should be covered for repair cost.

What is Warranty?

800 pts.

This feature could be used by technicians to record their hours worked on projects upon logging in to the system. Also, this allows supervisor review of the work week for their employees.

What is Labor Management?

800 pts.

This versatile module could be used by a technician who needs to create a work order for a maintenance activity or find information on services needed for an asset. It can also be utilized by a supervisor to review and close work orders performed or to see the list of items scheduled for their shop this week.

What is Work Order Management?

800 pts.

This product and feature combination could be used by a driver to report a collision within SmartApps, and later to view and manage collisions within Accident Management.

What is SmartApps for Collisions with Accident Management?

1000 pts.

This product could be used to set up and view information regarding performance of vehicles and estimating replacement schedules and costs for vehicles.

1000 pts.

This product can be used by public works departments to streamline their processes and maximize efficiencies in managing and maintaining all asset types including linear assets such as bridges and roadways.

1000 pts.

This product could be used to create a motor pool reservation, get a car, return a car and get keys without human intervention.

What is KeyValet?

So how did you stack up? Do you know your AssetWorks software as well as you thought?

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