5 Mobile Devices for Unique Fleet Scenarios: Are you Covered?

Serena Worobel, Product Director

Being mobile in today’s world means a lot of different things to different people. Whether your fleet technicians want to track their work in their fleet management system or your drivers want to submit a vehicle issue on-the-go, there are many solutions available to fit your unique requirements.

But with all of the different mobile solutions available today, where do you start?

Once you understand the reasons for each mobile solution, it’s easy to see which is the best fit for your organization.

Choosing Mobile Devices

Many people start by thinking, “My employees prefer Apple products” or “Windows devices are more secure.” But in reality, the best question to start with asking is: What do I need this mobile solution to do?

After answering that question, AssetWorks can advise you on which one of our mobile offerings fits that need the best.

Take a look at the following scenarios to see which relate back to your own experiences:

We want our technicians to use tablets in our shops to use our fleet management software, so they are not tied to a desktop computer to log each work order.

FleetFocus EDGE, AssetWorks’ latest mobile offering, is going to be perfect for this scenario. EDGE, when combined with the MobileFocus Enterprise suite, will be a perfect, catered experience for a desktop, tablet or mobile phone in your shops.

We utilize motor pool management software, but I need members of my organization to reserve vehicles while outside of the office.

SmartApps are a connected solution that run on any HTML5 supported mobile device. This means they are lightweight and flexible, and don’t require a full app installation, just a bookmarked URL to a browser application will work. Within the SmartApps suite is the Reservation Center application, which was designed with your motor pool users in mind.

mobile devices

We have some mobile work crew members who cannot access our public works software in remote areas due to connectivity issues, but they need to record work while on the job.

You’d be surprised by how many technicians are stuck recording their work on pieces of paper due to connectivity issues in remote areas. Personally, I live in Idaho, so I do not have cell connection everywhere I go either!

AssetWorks has a specialized solution just for this: the EAM Connect app! If you are out doing road calls or service on a remote stretch of highway where you may have connectivity issues, you can utilize our disconnected mode application, EAM Connect.

This app allows you to work by queuing up the changes that you make offline, and then allows you to push those changes to AssetWorks once you are back online again. So when you’re in a pinch, you don’t have to pick up a pen and paper. The same tablet you use for other work can allow you to record work offline directly. When you are back to connection, either cellular or Wi-Fi, the queue will sync back to the database seamlessly.

We need an application for inventory that uses a scanner, so we can easily scan items during our inventory count.

The easier inventory entry is, the more efficient your teams can be. Multiple pieces of the MobileFocus Enterprise suite support use of barcodes for inventory counting. From use of your tablet’s camera to read a QR code, or use of a phone with an attached Bluetooth scanner, let us know your need and AssetWorks can help direct you to the right solution to fit.

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