4 Things to Consider Before Upgrading your AssetWorks Software

Like the majority of fleet management software solutions, upgrading your AssetWorks software is not as simple as downloading a file, clicking a button and calling it a day. There are a number of things to consider before deciding on whether to upgrade your system. The below list is a good starting point in making that decision:

1. How many versions behind are we?

Though some organizations like to take a conservative approach to upgrading and remain on older versions of the software they consider stable, it’s important to not get too many versions behind. In this article, you can read more in-depth details on the downfalls of not staying current on the latest version of your fleet management software.

2. Does upgrading provide new features and fixes that will benefit my organization?

Throughout the year, “patches” or sub-releases are made available by the AssetWorks team. There are some that may have modifications that will directly impact your unique organization and others that may not. It is important to read the Release Notes provided in each release and on the AssetWorks Community (support website) to review a list of those changes and whether they are beneficial to your organization.


3. Do I have all the hardware and software prerequisites in place and/or available before upgrading?

Some upgrades may require a new version and/or the addition of new components to your environment. It’s important to know of these requirements and whether they are items that you can satisfy before upgrading.

4. Do I have all the resources in place to test this prior to performing the upgrade in its final form?

One of the keys of a successful upgrade is preparation and testing. Even when there are (what appear to be) only minor changes to your software, it’s important that your organization tests the software using everyday scenarios and actions to ensure there are no surprises once finalized.

It should be noted that each company should have their own organizational specific concerns to address. The list above is generalized and should apply to the majority of organizations, but there may be other factors specific to your unique organization that you need to think about before upgrading. Sometimes, upgrading your system may even include adding on more features that your organization may be able to make use of, like automated motor pool or fuel management.

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