Inventory Control: Scan & Validate and your ERP form a Strong Partnership

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is an important solution for organizations of all kinds. Depending on a user’s configuration, an ERP system has the ability to collect, store and manage data, all the while engaging in activities like purchasing, accounting, customer service, payroll and human resources.

Since ERP busted on to the business scene in the 1990s, companies like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and Epicor have rolled out systems for thousands of customers looking for a tool adept at integrating most of their applications. However, while ERP software is an invaluable resource for most businesses, some may fall short in the practice of conducting physical inventories.

Storing asset data in the system is easy enough for an ERP system, but getting out and conducting a physical asset inventory is a different story. That’s where an Internet-based solution like AssetWorks Scan & InventoryTM can come into play.

AssetWorks Scan & Validate provides organizations with a tool to automate and streamline the inventory process. Leveraging it alongside of an ERP is a relatively simple process, as Scan & Validate is designed to work with any system via flat-file exchange. Here’s how it works:

  1. Configure Scan & Validate Database: Our technical team works with each customer to create a Scan & Validate database configured to meet their unique needs including field names and selection criteria.
  1. Sync Asset Data: Via file exchange, asset data is synced from the ERP system to the newly configured Scan & Validate database and handheld scanners.
  1. Conduct Asset Inventory: Using handheld scanners, employees can easily conduct inventory in the field making updates to asset information on the fly. For example, if a printer was moved to a different room, it’s possible to record that change on the scanner.
  1. Update Database: While in the field, workers can sync their scanners to the online Scan & Validate database for centralized control bringing all of the scanned asset information from the scanner to the database.
  1. Update your ERP Inventory data: Asset inventory data can be exported from the Scan & Validate database into a comma separated values (CSV) file. The CSV file can then be imported into the ERP software, which, for audit purposes, serves as the system of record. The inventory is done, and the ERP inventory data reflects the changes.

Image: Process for using Scan & Validate with an ERP for Inventory

AssetWorks Scan & Validate can work alongside your ERP inventory system to help automate the inventory process. Barcode tags and handheld scanners offer a simple solution that will keep your organization compliant with GASB, OMB, GAAP and state reporting requirements.

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