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Elevating student outcomes by adopting sound energy management practices.

Our software can help you:

  • Implement an effective energy conservation program

  • Track energy consumption and collect historic information about building energy performance

  • Provide a comfortable and safe learning environment for students while addressing the need for greater energy efficiency and cost savings

  • Reallocate energy savings to hire more teachers, purchase more textbooks and computers, or invest in infrastructure

  • Positively impact financial stability, student achievement, and community well-being


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The comfort and safety of the learning environment in K-12 schools is paramount, but for every dollar spent on energy, there is a dollar not spent on education. As budgets wane and energy costs grow, school administrators have to make difficult choices. Energy management solutions from AssetWorks track energy consumption and manage cost recovery, enabling districts to channel energy savings where they belong: to education initiatives and reinvestment in the physical environment of schools.

Our solution blends robust energy management capabilities and feature-rich business intelligence.

We manage what you manage: Consumption and Costs.

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