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A solution purpose-built for the needs of institutions of higher education.

Our software can help you:

  • Maintain an energy efficient campus, reduce energy consumption, and manage energy costs

  • Implement an energy management program that covers the entire campus rather than individual buildings

  • Pinpoint energy “leaks” on campus and spur remedial activities such as lighting retrofits

  • Adhere to energy conservation policies such as the ACUPCC and create a more sustainable campus environment

  • Use submetering and virtual meters to charge energy costs back to various campus departments

  • Manage a variety of on-campus utilities resources, including electricity, chilled water, steam, natural gas, and others


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Reducing energy consumption on college and university campuses has become a matter of social responsibility and economic necessity. At the same time, budgets are in decline while energy costs are increasing. Energy management solutions from AssetWorks help institutions of higher education identify energy inefficiencies and squeeze greater savings from their current energy management programs.

Our solution blends robust energy management capabilities and feature-rich business intelligence.

We manage what you manage: Consumption and Costs.

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