Helping government become better stewards of taxpayer-funded energy resources.

Our software can help you:

  • Implement an energy management program that stands up to the scrutiny of legislative authorities, taxpayers and the media

  • Provide accurate data on energy use, improve building energy performance, and reduce utility bills

  • Identify energy “spikes” or other anomalies and develop a plan for long-term energy efficiency

  • Drive down government operating expenses and save taxpayers money

  • Generate cost savings that can be used in part to pay for retrofits and capital improvements

  • Meet your environmental and sustainability goals


Agencies at all levels of government approach energy management with three goals in mind: saving money, conserving resources, and addressing environmental concerns. Unfortunately, government agencies often lag behind other sectors of the economy in meeting these goals. Energy management solutions from AssetWorks help governments achieve greater control over energy consumption and costs and pave the way for savings in tax dollars.

Our solution blends robust energy management capabilities and feature-rich business intelligence.

We manage what you manage: Consumption and Costs.

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