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You’re charged with identifying deficiencies, setting priorities, monitoring progress, and verifying improvements. We can help.

Our software can help you:

  • Gain complete visibility into energy usage

  • Provide accurate and timely energy consumption estimates where usage is not measured

  • Streamline the collection and aggregation of monthly meter data

  • Track distribution and cost by logically replicating the most complex environments

  • Leverage virtual meters to estimate or calculate usage where meters have not been installed

  • Take advantage of automated meter reading feeds where available

  • Perform data checking with meter reading feed verification and configurable meter reading validation rules

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Our solution blends robust energy management capabilities and feature-rich business intelligence.

We manage what you manage: Consumption and Costs.

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The new low-hanging fruit is not all equipment replacement – but more informed management.

-- Chadd Currier, Director of Performance Solutions, BCS
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