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Transform data to information, information to knowledge, and knowledge to wisdom

AiM IQ for Energy Management is a powerful business intelligence tool that provides reporting models and pre-built dashboard overlays that tie consumption and cost data together to give your organization a window into the “when,” “where,” and “why” of your energy spend.

Our software can help you:

  • Compare budgeted to actual energy/utilities spend

  • Create annual comparisons

  • Perform benchmarking and normalization

  • Measure causation correlation (in conjunction with assessment and needs analysis tools)

  • Rapidly assess patterns, problems, and opportunities in consumption data

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The new low-hanging fruit is not all equipment replacement – but more informed management.

-- Chadd Currier, Director of Performance Solutions, BCS
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“How Do You Validate Energy Savings?”

A 40-year industry veteran, Michael Sims leverages his vast experience in facilities and energy management in the private sector, healthcare and higher education to look at why it’s so important to validate energy savings.

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