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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide All Public Works Directors Need

We love the holiday season, but there is no doubt there is stress that comes with deciding what gift to give your staff. To be clear, managers don’t have to gift their staff, but it is a nice gesture if you choose to do it. The last thing we want is more stress this holiday season, so we have put together the perfect gift guide just for your team- all under just $50:

Best Gifts for Arborists

Specialty Maple Syrup Sampler- From $31
Arborist have a passion for trees, so why not gift them a delicious, tree-related treat? A maple syrup sampler pack will include different flavors of syrup, which can be used on top of pancakes, as a glaze on desserts, or even in festive holiday cocktails.

Coffee thermos- From $25
Arborists don’t always have the time to sit down and drink their coffee in a mug. Gift them a coffee thermos, so they can stay caffeinated through the day without spilling or having their favorite beverage grow cold.

Best Gifts for Data Analysts 

Ergonomic Mouse Pad- From $10
When you are busy working on the computer, data analysts may experience wrist pain if they are not properly supported. An ergonomic mouse pad alleviates the wrist stress that can lead to painful health conditions.

Blue Light Glasses- From $14
Staring at a screen all day, every day can affect how Data Analysts feel once they leave work. Gift them some blue light glasses to help filter away blue light from screens to improve their visual performance and quality of sleep.

Best Gifts for GIS Managers

Custom City Map- From $31
Your GIS Manager loves and appreciates the many unique features of your community, so why not gift them a custom map of the area?

Esri ArcGIS Hat- From $15
Almost all GIS Managers know and utilize Esri for GIS, but did you know that Esri also has an impressive merchandise store? Gift your GIS users an ArcGIS baseball hat so they can represent their favorite geographic information system platform.

Best Gifts for Parks and Recreation Managers

National Geographic Magazine Subscription- From $39 
National Geographic Magazine contains many interesting articles and feature stories that will educate and entertain your Parks and Recreation teams. Gift them a 1-year subscription so they can enjoy it.

Parks and Rec Funko Pop Figurine- From $10
If your Parks and Recreation staff enjoyed the aptly named sitcom, then gifting them a figurine of their favorite character may brighten their day (and their desk).

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