It Takes Two to Tango – Responsive EAM Connect and Tablets

AssetWorks Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software is the driving force behind EAM Connect, the revolutionary mobile application that brings EAM wherever your employees need to go.

EAM Connect is not just for field crews, however. In fact, EAM Connect can be set up with individual workflows and access levels so that your public works director, park inspectors, arborists, road foremen and more can only see the information and options that are relevant to them. But with so many different kinds of users, profiles and situations, how do you know how to properly equip your teams?

Choosing the right device for your users is crucial. Results matter. The responsive EAM Connect app has been elegantly crafted for tablets and mobile devices across the board. We have placed you in the cockpit to take control of your asset management however you see fit. Do you prefer to conduct your business over a landscape orientation? No problem. Want a portrait orientation? You can use it whenever you need! Your convenience and input methods are fully up to you. If you are a mobile user, don’t worry – we did not forget you. EAM Connect on mobile delivers the same powerful experience, all in the convenience of your pocket. Tablets are likely to give you the best results and optimum experience.


When choosing a tablet over other competing devices, here are a few tips to take into consideration.

  • Price – tablets are generally 1/3 the cost of a comparable smart phone or mobile device.
  • Portability – lightweight and ergonomic, tablets can range in weight between 1-6 lbs and are as slim as phones (occasionally even more so)!
  • Battery life – often ranging from 8-10 hours, which is great for a work day.
  • Real estate – tablets give you the biggest bang per square inch versus a phone. Tablets allow the maximum visibility of elements on the screen. If you desire the best experience to optimize your workflows, tablets are the way to go.

Are you concerned that you might be locked into one style once you choose it? Have no fear – EAM Connect is fully responsive and capable of swapping between orientations and devices with ease, just like in the clip below (okay, maybe not *just* like the clip below, but you get the idea).

Responsive EAM Connect

EAM Connect joins an impressive array of industry-leading enterprise asset management solutions, like these GIS-Centric integrations. Are you ready to expand your asset management wherever you go? Grab EAM Connect and a tablet today because remember, it takes two to tango.

See the responsive EAM Connect for yourself with a free, custom demo today by filling out the form below:

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