3 Superpowers You Get When Tracking Asset Management Data

It seems like every blockbuster movie coming out these days features at least one superhero– from Batman and Superman to the many faces of the Marvel universe. These superheros have many powers, including the ability to fly, super strength or speed and impressive fighting prowess. Wouldn’t it be nice if your city or county government organization could develop similar superpowers? With an accurate system for tracking asset management data– it can!

When tracking asset management data for your city or county, you can count on these 3 superpowers:

Superpower #1: Use “Spidey senses” to determine asset types and conditions

When there was danger in his city, Spiderman’s “spidey senses” would immediately alert him so he could swoop in and save the day. Most cities or counties have thousands of assets spread across their jurisdiction. Is it possible to accurately track all of them? With an effective enterprise asset management system, you can collect data frequently to provide a detailed understanding of the assets you have and what condition they’re in. Think of your enterprise asset management system as your own set of “Spidey senses”!

Superpower #2: Predict the future to optimize resources

Predicting the future keeps superheros one step ahead of their city’s criminals. Frequent data collection can help keep you ahead of future challenges too. Not only does it allow you to create accurate performance models for your assets, but it also helps you optimize resources for maintenance, operations, replacements and overall improvements.

Superpower #3: Be in multiple places at once with mapping technologies

Who doesn’t want the ability to be in two+ places at once? While you may already have an asset inventory in place, sometimes it lacks accurate location data. With today’s many technological advancements, like GPS tracking and GIS integration, asset management software can easily improve your asset tracking to include real-time location data.

With an effective enterprise asset management software solution, your city or county organization can rely on these benefits and more. AssetWorks EAM is a comprehensive asset management solution designed to help cities and counties track assets and asset management data accurately. To learn more about EAM, click here.


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