How Public Works Can Save Money with EAM Software

For most Public Works Directors today, budget cuts are the stuff of nightmares. Unfortunately, these budgetary restrictions aren’t confined to the REM cycle. As states continue constricting budgets, many departments, like Public Works and Parks and Recreation, are left with less funding to complete even more essential tasks. Even after staff reductions and more budget cuts, department directors still face difficult budgetary challenges.

Don’t worry: there’s a light at the end of the tunnel! Enterprise asset management (EAM) and automation technology can address the many issues that stem from shrinking public works budgets. EAM software can streamline operations so your staff isn’t overwhelmed by extreme workloads compensating for a tighter budget.

Saving Time and Money through Improved Community Service

One of the most important aspects of public works or any government organization is serving citizens and the community. It’s important to give tax payers a way to access the public works department. Luckily, EAM software solutions can address community service issues. One of the simplest ways it can help is through online platforms for communication and information—like citizen request mobile applications. These online or mobile services can bring about a much more efficient means of communicating with the community, which improves the overall service from your department and cuts down on unnecessary or mismanaged work.

Improving Project Management while Decreasing Costs

EAM software can change the game in terms of planning and logistics for public works. Effective EAM software systems provide public works departments with the tools necessary for project planning and management. This can identify pain points, eliminate conflicts between departments and reduce mismanaged resource allocation. Learn more about effective EAM software solutions here.

Public Works 2.0?

Today’s EAM technology addresses the budgetary challenges faced by public works departments. By adopting an effective asset management solution, public works can improve operations, customer service and project management. Even a few small changes in technology can help save public works both time and money, so they can get back to what they do best: serving their communities.

AssetWorks Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software was designed with city and county government organizations in mind. With EAM, you can easily manage complex networks of roadways, waterways and boundary-based assets in one system. To learn more about AssetWorks EAM, or to request a product demo, click here.

Want to start saving your public works department money now? Take the first step today.


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