Simplicity, Beauty and User Empowerment in AssetWorks EAM Connect

It’s inevitable. We cannot deny it any longer. Time is rapidly changing. In order to stay on the leading edge in a competitive asset management software market, products must evolve in response to consumer trends and technological shifts. In client-facing apps, users expect to have beautifully designed software along with a remarkable experience – it is the standard today. AssetWorks EAM Connect mobile enterprise software should be no different.

As a result of your interactions with EAM, along with users’ feedback, AssetWorks has invested into the development of a brand new UX/UI for EAM Connect. UX Design refers to the term User Experience Design. UX is the process of enhancing a product by making interactions as simplistic and predictable as possible in order to enhance the customer’s enjoyment within the app. On the other hand, UI Design stands for User Interface Design. UI focuses on the look and feel of the software in regard to colors, typography, buttons and other elements of this nature.

user empowerment

User empowerment meets tangible benefits

So, you’re probably wondering: How does this affect your day to day operations? Why should you care? Two words, visual clarity. Visual clarity escalates productivity, allowing you to utilize EAM Connect with ease in a straightforward manner. This results in less confusion, which translates into decreased time spent in the app, reduced training costs, simpler documentation, efficient support and reduced cognitive load (mental energy spent using a product).

AssetWorks has made a vast amount of modifications within the EAM Connect app to deliver the best experience possible. Some of the featured changes include redesigned elements such as higher and darker contrast colors, a dark mode keyboard when used in the sunlight, consolidation of screens to streamline your flow and reduce click rate (like in the asset details screenshots below), a sticky navigation on the left-hand side for quick screen transfers and many more. Below, the old design is on the left, while the new design is on the right.

The redesigned EAM Connect joins an impressive array of industry-leading enterprise asset management solutions. EAM Connect is not just for field crews, however. EAM Connect can be set up with individual workflows and access levels so that your public works director, park inspectors, arborists, road foremen and more can only see the information and options that are relevant to them. The world of asset management is powerful, and it’s at your fingertips!

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