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If you’ve ever had to manage infrastructure and public works assets, you’ve probably thought or said that sentence before. Now that you’re looking for the perfect infrastructure asset management system, you should be familiar with some of the important aspects of a comprehensive solution. A truly complete system will include a method to manage all of your assets in one database, a capital planning module for project budgeting and creation and mobile work solutions to help keep your teams on the move. Maybe you’re looking for more out of your infrastructure asset management system. Consider these questions:

Read the short blog below to learn about some of the key features you should look out for so you can start your journey on the “yellow brick road” to infrastructure asset management.

Esri GIS Integration

Along the way to finding the perfect infrastructure asset management system, you’re going to run into a lot of assets, landmarks and features that could be managed. Wouldn’t it be useful to be able to mark their locations and see how they may or may not link to each other? Let’s say on your journey down the road you run into broken bricks and potholes that are in need of maintenance. If you mark the incident down, you now have important information about an asset. But wouldn’t it be useful to be able to turn all of the data you have about that asset (and any more you decide to track) into visualized, actionable information? If your software integrates with a powerful GIS system, like Esri, then you have the capability to link your assets spatially on layered maps. From there, you can observe trends in asset-related data, like traffic patterns, high flood areas, common maintenance regions and more.

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Fleet Management Integration

You can see all of your assets and you’re efficiently managing your citizen’s requests and suggestions, but you’ve run into one more problem: this road is way longer than you thought it was. It stretches on for miles, and you’re going to need some transportation to reach the end. A comprehensive infrastructure asset management system will also come with an integration to an effective fleet management solution. With this powerful tool, you can install GPS monitoring to your vehicles so that you always know where they are, record mileage and preventive maintenance statistics so that your vehicles are always running at their best and even more! With the mobile capabilities it provides, you can see on your phone that one of your fleet’s vehicles is just around the corner. Time to hop in and finish this journey!

Clearly all of this talk is just fairy tales and magic – there’s no way an infrastructure asset management system could contain all of the features explained in this blog, is there? In fact, this one is a reality! AssetWorks Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system features capital planning, Esri GIS and fleet management integrations and much more! Are you ready to take the next step in your journey and learn more about EAM?

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