How to Choose an Effective Public Works Software Vendor

An organization’s relationship with their public works software vendor is vital to its long-term success. When evaluating different public works software vendors, keep these factors in mind:

#1. History

Is the vendor a proven software provider in the public works industry? This could mean many things, including how many years they’ve been operating in the industry or how many customers they have. Innovation also matters. Does the vendor consistently remain on the forefront of technology?

#2. References

Before you were hired, your future employer likely reached out to your prior employers for professional references. It’s a common step in any interview process. When choosing a software vendor, it’s important to do the same.

All proven and effective public works software vendors should have a list of customer references for you to contact. Ask their current customers about the software solution provided, the pre- and post- implementation processes and customer support.

#3. Support

When you invest in a new software solution for your organization, you’re going to need a solid support system in place. Does the vendor you’re researching provide a human support option? Is there 24-hour support? What about emergency or “system down” support? These questions are important to know what you should expect from your software vendor when you really need them.

#4. Training

No one invests in asset management software and automatically knows the complex ins and outs of the system. This is why training procedures are so important to your long-term success with the product.

When looking into different vendors, ask about their training options. Do they offer end-user or “train the trainer” training?

#5. Technical support

As stated previously, support is key to mastering your new asset management software system.

In addition to general support, an effective software vendor should also provide in-depth technical support. This may include: application support, database support and reporting support.

#6. Upgrades

As we all know, public works management software is always evolving. It is important for your software vendor to evolve with the technology too. When researching different vendors, ask them how often they upgrade their product. Are these upgrades included as part of the software maintenance pricing?

An effective enterprise asset management software system is only as strong as its vendor. Before investing in a new software solution for your public works organization, you must fully understand what the software vendor can provide.

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