Meet the Friendly Faces of AssetWorks EAM at PWX 2019!

With the 2019 Public Works Expo (PWX 2019) right around the corner in Seattle, Washington from September 8-11, we want to make sure that you are prepared to make the most out of the convention. There will be hundreds of booths available to visit during expo hours, and there may have to be some pruning between which ones are visited and which are not. One booth, however, stands out as imperative to visit: Booth #2301.

Booth #2301 is home to AssetWorks Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software solution. The AssetWorks team will be available to ask questions of and interact with, but that does not mean you have to go in blind. Here are a few key points about AssetWorks EAM that will help you remember this fateful meeting.

EAM can manage and produce data that is automatically or manually collected from the following kinds of assets:

  • Stationary assets, such as roadway, pipeline, landscape and building assets
  • Linear or networked assets, such as roads, water lines and utilities
  • Boundary-based assets, such as parks, parking lots and property parcels

That’s not all the preparation that you get, however. We want to take a second to introduce to you some of the friendly faces that you can expect to see at the AssetWorks booth. Simply look at the tiles below with photos of our EAM and Fuel team members. By hovering over a tile, you’ll learn a little bit about what they love about our software, and you can learn about the best features to ask them about when you visit the booth.

Metise Moore

“AssetWorks EAM is a One-Stop-Shop solution that answers the call across multiple municipal platforms: Fleet/Parks & Rec./Infrastructure/Roads & Streets/Facilities. No need for multiple vendors or solutions, when you choose AssetWorks. Come visit our booth at PWX 2019!”

Tom Seman

“AssetWorks EAM provides customers the ability to track and manage unlimited assets of any type whether they are point, linear, or polygon assets.  Our innovative technology gives users the power to manage their assets in the field without connectivity, while being able to analyze asset performance, budgets, funding sources, and more from the back office.”

Kristy Gonciarz

“AssetWorks EAM is the future for Public Works: one GIS-centric integrated system designed to handle all aspects of public infrastructure and asset management, including complex networks of linear and boundary-based assets. Why not leverage AssetWorks to make your job easier? Attending PWX? Stop by our Booth #2301 to learn more or contact us to set up a live custom demo!”

Russ Whelan

“Come on over and see our booth at PWX in Seattle this year.  I would like to share with you some of our new products and tell you about the “Latest Technology in Fleet Fuel Management”.  I would also like to hear from you about your fleet and where you see alternative fuels and EV (Electric Vehicles) heading in the future for your particular fleet. I look forward to meeting you in Seattle!”

What else is happening at PWX 2019?

After meeting with the AssetWorks EAM team at Booth #2301, be sure to stop by the New Product Showcase Theatre. Tom Seman will be presenting on AssetWorks’ EAM Connect mobile app on Monday September 9th at 1:00pm. During his presentation, Tom will discuss how to reduce redundancy and paperwork through mobile technology, improve public works data accuracy across multiple roles and empower you field crews with mobile technology.

With so much available to enhance a public works department like yours, it’s important that this fateful meeting with Booth #2301 at PWX 2019 is not missed!

To learn more about AssetWorks EAM software at PWX 2019 or to request a demo, simply fill out the information below:

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