5 Good Reasons to Find Us at the 2019 Esri User Conference

Each year, the Esri User Conference (UC) reminds our industry of important asset management facts, like how effective and easy-to-use maps are! Chances are, you don’t go a day without utilizing maps, spatial data or your current GIS system.

So what could make maps even more useful?

Esri UC is an excellent opportunity to learn about all of the great things maps and GIS do for our industry, but this year, AssetWorks is taking it to the next level. How? With our premier mobile, GIS-integrated app, EAM Connect.

At AssetWorks, we think not only about maps, but also the usability and functionality of these maps. This year at Esri, we want to share our passion for this feature with industry professionals just like you.

While the UC is always a busy event, there are many reasons to stop by the AssetWorks booth, including:

1. Learn more about the mobile EAM Connect

One of AssetWorks’ most premier products is available in the palm of your hand, with the power to map, manage and track your assets on the go. AssetWorks Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software is the driving force behind EAM Connect, the revolutionary mobile application that brings EAM wherever your employees need to go. With advanced visual mapping features, you can track and view your assets in the spatial format that works with your organization’s specific mobile workflows.

EAM Connect is not just for your mobile field crews, however. In fact, EAM Connect can be set up with individual workflows and access levels so that your Public Works Director, Park Inspectors, Arborists, Road Foremen and more can only see the information and options that are relevant to them. If you want to see the app in action, we’ve put together three helpful video demos to illustrate how different roles may make use of EAM Connect.

Utilizing an asset management software that supports work flows both in the office and in the field decreases the chance for data inconsistency. It also increases the ability to report on the status of assets and determining capital investment strategies.

2. See how you can make your Esri GIS data actionable

While many organizations today invest in Esri for their GIS data, they often neglect how to use this data in an effective manner.

Assets and infrastructure exist across your entire community, which makes having an integrated GIS platform crucial. With GIS, organizations can view all of their assets and infrastructure on a map, but a common challenge is incorporating this data into an effective asset management strategy. In order to make this data useful for your organization, you need to integrate it into your asset management system, so you can easily analyze your assets’ performance and maintenance. With AssetWorks EAM’s powerful Esri integration, you never have to worry about your GIS data again.

3. See firsthand the many benefits of collecting GIS data at the source

When you collect your data at its source, your organization can benefit in many ways, including: removing the risk of data latency, errors in transcription and errors in data processing. Introducing a mobile solution further increases these benefits, as data can be entered as soon as your crew comes across it. Stop by the AssetWorks booth to learn more tips and best practices from the team.

4. Learn all about our enterprise asset management (EAM) platform

If you’re curious about how data powers your organization, stop by our booth to learn about our EAM software solution. In addition to powerful powerful Esri integration, our software includes:

  • Hierarchical asset relationships
  • Ability to model multiple asset categories
  • Ability to separate data by area of responsibility
  • Enterprise licensing with unlimited users
  • A comprehensive capital planning module

5. Connect with your citizens through our integrated 311 mobile app

Your public works organization exists to keep your community safe. With a 311 mobile app, you can work with the citizens in your community to improve assets and infrastructure. This reduces frustrations and improves maintenance response times.

311 mobile apps, like the AssetWorks Citizen Engagement mobile app, keep your citizens safe, happy and on-the-move. To learn more about Citizen Engagement, stop by our booth or powerful Esri integration.

Can’t wait for the Esri UC to learn more about AssetWorks EAM? Simply fill out the form below for a custom demonstration from our team:

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