What is Enterprise Asset Management Software | EAM Software?

What is Enterprise Asset Management Software?

Enterprise asset management software is a computer software that handles every aspect of running a modern public works or asset-intensive organization. Effective enterprise asset management (EAM) software solutions include many powerful features, such as complete asset life-cycle management, flexible preventive maintenance scheduling, complete warranty management, integrated mobile wireless handheld options and portal-based software interface.

Why do I need enterprise asset management software?

For many organizations, vehicle equipment assets and the labor needed to maintenance them represent significant and increasing expenses. To succeed, asset managers need effective software tools to proactively manage these costs and improve long-term planning. Enterprise asset management software is instrumental in improving an organization’s operations and performance through day-to-day work order management, real-time labor tracking and future planning, like complete life-cycle analysis and capital budgeting.

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AssetWorks EAM: Over 40 years of enterprise asset management software innovation

AssetWorks EAM offers tools to help organizations streamline their processes and maximize efficiencies in managing and maintaining all asset types. AssetWorks specializes in managing and maintaining infrastructure assets. For over 35 years, we have worked with our customers to develop cutting-edge solutions that manage all assets regardless of their type or complexity. Proper maintenance on mission-critical assets relies on having accurate information about the condition and location of the assets. Effective maintenance also requires considerable coordination and management of operational resources such as personnel, equipment, materials and vehicles.

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Assets managed by powerful EAM software solutions:

Stationary assets

  • Roadway assets (signs, lights, signals)
  • Pipeline assets (valves, meters, pumps)
  • Landscape assets (trees, irrigation, planters)
  • Buildings and the assets within them

Linear or networked assets

  • Roads (roadways, sidewalks, bridges)
  • Water lines (water, wastewater, sewer)
  • Utility (gas, oil, overhead power)

Boundary-based assets

  • Parks
  • Parking lots
  • Property parcels

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