5 Benefits of EAM Software for Parks and Recreation

Imagine a community without parks. There would be no playing fields to kick around a soccer ball with your friends, no kids laughing as they swing from monkey bar to monkey bar and no benches to relax and enjoy the greenery on. Thankfully, Parks and Recreation departments across the country work tirelessly to provide their communities with memories that will last a lifetime.

In order to provide for their communities, however, Parks and Rec departments need an effective solution to manage and maintain their many assets. In many cases, a comprehensive enterprise asset management (EAM) software system is just what Parks and Rec needs. EAM software helps create well-maintained, safe and enjoyable parks for communities.

With EAM software, your Parks department can:

  1. Efficiently manage all assets in one database

    • The days of relying on multiple spreadsheets across multiple hard drives is over. With EAM, you can manage all aspects of your park operations in one, convenient database. All essential data, like asset conditions, locations and maintenance schedules, is available at the touch of a button.
  2. Stay in-the-know with maintenance and inspections

    • The main goal of any Parks department should be to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for its community. The data captured in effective enterprise asset management software includes regular inspections, preventive maintenance and unexpected or emergency work. Every activity performed by your employees can be trackd with EAM, so you know exactly where your assets are and what condition they’re in. To view a video demo of AssetWorks EAM’s Work Management Portal, click here.
  3. Utilize your GIS data

    • GIS data empowers Parks and Rec. With GIS, you can improve communications, consolidate data and ensure complete accuracy. AssetWorks EAM software’s esri integration allows your department’s GIS data to work within your EAM system, so you can effectively run your parks in one system.
  4. Understand your budget

    • Every day, Parks and Rec departments are expected to do more with less. With tight or shrinking budgets, it’s vital to understand where every dollar goes. EAM software helps track all costs associated with asset management. This valuable data can be used for budget planning, so your department can continue providing for its community.
  5. Manage employees anywhere

    • One cannot effectively manage park operations without connecting to employees in the field. With the correct EAM software solution, your on-the-go employees, like inspectors, landscapers and volunteers, can quickly access and update the software from their smartphone or tablet.

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