Asset Management Lessons Learned at the College Football Hall of Fame

If you attended the 2019 AssetWorks Academy in Atlanta, you probably got to check out the cool exhibits at the College Football Hall of Fame. The upper floor of the museum was lined with famous quotes from true experts in their field. With a little creativity, we could see how their wise statements often applied to more than just football.

Here’s a handful of our favorite quotes that we think can be applied as asset management lessons – whether you are managing a city, a fleet or even a team.

“You win with people.”

– Woody Hayes, Ohio State Coach

As much as we rely on software and technology these days, it’s really the people on your team that will guarantee your success. When you cultivate a culture of education and respect, you enable them to solve problems effectively. This intentional team development includes all members of your team.

“Son, you have a good engine, but your hands aren’t on the steering wheel.”

– Bobby Bowden, Florida State Coach

Having the right tools is only the beginning – using them properly and effectively is the key to success. Without proper usage of the tools at your disposal, you may be committing common fleet management mistakes that are adversely affecting your organization.

“You play the way you practice.”

– Pop Warner, Hall of Fame Coach

This is one of our favorite quotes. We’ve all heard this at various points in our lives from music teachers to sports coaches. Training exercises may seem like a waste of time to some people, but often times the people with that attitude are often challenged to be effective when it comes to the real work.

“It’s important for young athletes to develop flawless technique before adding external resistance. Never sacrifice technique for weight.”

– Tom Moffitt, Louisiana State University Strength Coach

Developing good form and technique by starting with smaller and easier problems rather than challenging ones is so critical. Often people get overwhelmed when they don’t break a problem down into bite-sized pieces. This is applicable to so many areas – from deploying technology to maintaining physical assets to implementing new business strategies.

Asset Management Lessons

“Record all your workouts.”

– Ken Mannie, Michigan State Strength Coach

To really improve – whether it’s your form, or your processes – it is vital to track what you do. This enables you to measure improvement by comparing your records. If you want to optimize your maintenance operations, then you need to know where your team is spending their time. Remember: if it can be observed, then it can be measured; and if it can be measured, then it can be compared!

Everybody has good ideas. Some people write those ideas down. A few people have the means and the drive to make these ideas a reality.

“Be in condition, know what to do, and play hard.”

– Phil Savage, Executive Director of the Senior Bowl, Former UCLA Assistant Coach and NFL General Manager and Scout

Building an asset inventory is only the first step – it is essentially answering the question, “What do I have?” But unless you can also answer the question, “what condition is it in?” you cannot effectively know at any given time which activities you should perform to keep your assets in good repair. Do you know whether you are doing too much maintenance, or too little?

“Be clear on your purposes – know why you’re doing what you do.”

– Edward Etzel, Sports Psychologist

You may be clear on your purposes – but do you communicate these to your team? It will make people more invested in what they do, including maintenance operations. Keeping your entire team focused on your goals – such as improving, reducing costs and providing quality service to the community – will help people make better decisions that align with these goals. This was one of my favorite themes from the keynote speech this year presented by Mario Guzman of City of West Palm Beach.

Nobody likes pointless work or meetings – have a reason for these things, and make sure your team understands why you do them. Communication is key, especially when it comes to setting expectations and giving your team tools for success.

AssetWorks is dedicated to your success, and our Customer Care and Implementation teams work hard to ensure your software works the way that your organization needs it to. With ongoing customer education, you will always be equipped with the tools to bring your organization to the next level.

The AssetWorks team is looking forward to the asset management lessons we can learn at the 2020 AssetWorks Academy in Hollywood, California. To learn more about the 2020 event, click here, or fill out the form below.

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