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With customers spanning a wide range of public and private industries, we’ve spent time getting to know the the complex challenges facing each industry.  Our technology addresses those challenges to help our customers thrive.

What’s your Industry?

Higher Education

Capital program and construction management at colleges and universities is a tug-of-war between preserving the past and preparing for the future. Capital funding is finite, so having an effective construction program management solution is crucial to improving academic facilities, dormitories, faculty offices, laboratories, dining halls, and athletic complexes.

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The scale and cost of capital projects exposes government entities to significant risk. Armed with an effective capital program and construction management solution, government entities can improve financial accountability, boost operational effectiveness, and put to rest the concerns of both citizens and legislative bodies.

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K-12 Schools

K-12 school systems are under incredible scrutiny to account for capital funding appropriated through bond issues or grants. A capital program and construction management solution that offers complete transparency helps to build a foundation of trust with constituents and stakeholders alike.

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