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A solution purpose-built for the needs of institutions of higher education.

Our software can help you:

  • Manage the complete lifecycle of projects from inception to building turnover with complete visibility into the entire project portfolio, especially projects that are at risk or require special attention

  • Create, prioritize, fund, and manage projects aligned with the institutional mission from a Capital Improvement Plan and Long-range Strategic Plan

  • Track budgets, commitments, changes, and expenses for a large portfolio of projects with sufficient complexity and auditability for finance professionals while still offering project managers and building owners easily consumable information

  • Select, contract, and supervise architects, engineers, construction managers, and other design consultant professionals to streamline processes and ensure consistency, legality, and auditability

  • Leverage mobile technology to manage a multitude of geographically dispersed projects, keeping processes running, communication open, and information readily accessible


In spite of budget cuts stemming from declining grant funding and philanthropy and increasing debt limits, institutions of higher education still face the monumental task of keeping pace with their capital renewal needs and addressing rising deferred maintenance backlogs. Construction program management solutions from AssetWorks give colleges and universities the tools they need to effectively maintain control over an increasingly complex and growing portfolio of capital projects.

Our construction program management capabilities tackle even the most complex project portfolios.

We manage what you manage: Planning and Projects.

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