Solutions that help governments maximize taxpayer-funded capital investments.

Our software can help you:

  • Streamline project initiation and request processes through integrated capital request submission and processing

  • Group, prioritize, authorize, and fund requests through the use of Capital Improvement Plans, Long-range Strategic Plans, and Capital Budget Requests

  • Manage complex appropriations and allotments from a variety of funding sources and budget sessions

  • Manage project execution at any level required, from tracking every nut and bolt to just tracking summary commitments and expenses

  • Select, contract, and supervise architects, engineers, construction managers, and other design consultant professionals to streamline processes and ensure consistency, legality, and auditability

  • Leverage mobile technology to manage a multitude of geographically dispersed projects, keeping processes running, communication open, and information readily accessible

  • Provide transparency and accountability through dashboard and reporting tools


For government entities, capital program and construction management must account for the financing, planning and design, and construction of capital facilities and assets that are ostensibly owned by the public. With AssetWorks’ construction program management solutions, governments can closely monitor every stage of capital projects, including how funds appropriated to the project are allocated, so that constituents know precisely how their taxes are being used.

Our construction program management capabilities tackle even the most complex project portfolios.

We manage what you manage: Planning and Projects.

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