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Helping project managers stay agile, flexible, and better informed

The Go platform is a suite of purpose-driven mobile applications designed with specific organizational roles in mind. Go CPPM compliments and extends the back office project management capabilities of AiM Capital Planning and Project Management by providing project managers with the precise functionality they need in the field.

Our software can help you:

  • Access project plans, budgets, issues, statuses, and contract information for the entire project portfolio

  • Create new issues in the field

  • Access and use available design drawings

  • Create new, review and edit existing, or share safety inspections

  • Review and take action on items in the project backlog


Go CPPM allows the project manager to gather information, perform inspections, and run projects from their mobile device.

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Whether in a meeting or on a job site, with a customer or a project team member, Go has helped us out. The questions have always been there, the difference now is we have immediate access to the answers. Go CPPM has been a game changer for our entire design and construction team.

-- Mitch Walley, Director of Construction Management, Auburn University
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What’s the current state of capital program management?

In this informative infographic, a micro-poll of industry experts and building owners reveals what the industry is telling us about capital programs today and what it means for the future of capital planning and project management.


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