BOSS Software by AssetWorks Announces iEnforce Module for Mobile Enforcement

Lone Tree, CO (April 3, 2015)—iEnforce is a BOSSCARS module and accompanying Apple iOS app that opens up the doors for mobile enforcement.

iEnforce integrates with BOSSCARS to provide a quick, efficient way to enforce your parking lots with mobility and flexibility of iPhone or iPad devices. Quickly look up vehicle information by license plate or permit number and have immediate access to scofflaw info as well as boot/tow status. Directly transition into writing a citation with the vehicle information populated, take photos, and print citations with a mobile printer.

Utilizing iEnforce on campus allows and easy and intuitive ticket writing, synchronizing data in real-time, and if a connection is lost, it will synchronize when the connection re-establishes. The multi-purpose nature of the iPhone or iPad allows for less carrying of devices (if you are writing tickets on your phone, you don’t need to carry another phone!), and it is very cost effective compared with other mobile ticket-writing solutions.

iEnforce requires Apple iPhone or iPad running iOS 8.0 or newer with cellular data plan, Zebra iMZ320 mobile printer, BOSSCARS 7.0 or newer with Smartphone Ticketing web service installed.