Property Risk Management at the Movies

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If life were a movie, risk managers would have to plan accordingly. Here are a few movies to challenge the skills, nerves, and patience of even the best property risk managers. Ghostbusters The scene: In 1984, director Ivan Reitman introduced the world to the Ghostbusters, the paranormal investigators and eliminators who work [...]

Dealing with Property Risk in an Increasingly Uncertain Climate

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We're coming to the end of 2021, and a quick review of the past months shows the emerging pattern for the year may be found in its lack of pattern: that is, it’s a year in flux. So far, it’s been a rollercoaster ride for those of us in the property risk management industry. [...]

How to Audit Property Data for Your Insurance Statement of Values (SOV)

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It’s a moving target subject to economic factors, new purchases, development, replacement and sale, shifting requirements and, the most frustrating and unpredictable element of all:  human error. What is it? Your property data, the information you gather yearly for your insurance Statement of Values (SOV). And by auditing your property data before you submit [...]

What are the Benefits of a Property Insurance Valuation?

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As hurricane season gets ready to sweep the U.S., it’s a great time for property risk managers to batten down the hatches on an important but sometimes overlooked method of reducing risk — getting an accurate on-site property insurance valuation. An accurate property valuation offers serious benefits to help you reduce your organization's risk [...]

How Vehicle Management Software Revs Up Your Property Program

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Buildings... property-in-the-open... It's a lot to track and manage for insurance purposes. But having the right data on your insurance Statement of Values (SOV) can make a big difference in the size of your insurance policy — and your ratings! But there's another type of property that, for some organizations, can be equally important [...]

Risk Management Resources: Conferences, Websites, Social Media and Hot Topics

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If you're in risk management, you know that knowledge and planning is the key to better risk mitigation. Which is why we've pulled together this list of risk management resources, to connect you to the latest important industry information-- and fast! Interact with other risk management experts, learn more about topics like catastrophe modeling, [...]

Property Risk Management Software: Where Do All the Maintenance Dollars Go?

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Whether you use AssetWorks’ AMP software for property risk management or you’ve purchased another system, you may have noticed a line in your SAAS agreement called “maintenance.” With AMP, maintenance is included in your software package as a service. But you may have wondered: what does “maintenance” really mean? Typically, there are two kinds [...]

Property Risk Management for Winter Storm Damage

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When winter weather ravages regions unaccustomed to the icy attentions of Jack Frost (like this past perilous February in Texas) the effects can be devastating and linger well-after the winter fury itself has passed. We’re talking about winter weather-related property damage, and the National Oceanic and Environmental Administration (NOAA) indicates that between 1980 and [...]

Watch K-12 Special Education Management Take Off in Our New Video

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In our brand new video, K-12 school districts take an interstellar journey with AssetWorks Risk Management's Go Solutions and OASYS teams in the quest for easier, more efficient Medicaid reimbursements and special education management. We hope you'll check it out! You Might Also Like...

Writing Your Appraisal RFP for Property Insurance Appraisal Services

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by Greg Friz Comparing apples to apples, or apples to oranges? As a Regional Account Manager at AssetWorks Risk Management, I’ve been involved in our division’s response to numerous RFPs over the years. So I understand the challenges that organizations face when trying to sum up their entire property insurance appraisal needs in document [...]