Goodbye Silo Effect: How a RMIS Opens Up Greater Effectiveness

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Organizations talk about the importance of collaboration, communication and information-sharing, but the Silo Effect remains a very real challenge— and it affects everything, including a company’s workflow and ability to manage risk. You’ll recognize it in duplicated efforts, inefficiencies, workarounds, and departments that focus narrowly on their own efforts without examining how they’re a part [...]

2022 Construction Cost Trends and Property Valuation

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COVID-19’s business ramifications extend well-beyond the more popularly-discussed healthcare and restaurant industries. Throughout 2021 and into -22, the construction industry faces skyrocketing costs, presenting significant challenges for new construction projects as well as property repair and replacement work. This, in turn, creates a dilemma for organizations with large property portfolios. How do you place [...]

USPAP Standards: What is a USPAP Appraisal?

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If you’re looking for a property insurance appraisal, you may have heard that a USPAP appraisal is a highly- trusted way of collecting property valuation data for your annual Statement of Values (SOV). But what is a “USPAP appraisal” and how is it different from a standard appraisal? All About USPAP USPAP [...]

Cost Fluctuations and COVID-19’s Impact on Property Values

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The continuing aftershocks of COVID-19 and their effect on business — particularly in construction and property valuations — is resulting in higher construction costs. Supply chains have been disrupted and the cost for materials in certain areas have skyrocketed. While we can’t predict with any level of certainty what will happen next, it is [...]

The Property Insurance Data You Need for Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

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Water treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants might not be the first things that come to mind when you’re thinking about accurate property valuation data. But if your entity has one or both types of properties to include on its property insurance Statement of Values, you might just want to give that data a [...]

How Software for Risk Management Can Solve 6 Big Property Risk Problems

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AssetWorks Risk Management has been in the property risk management industry for a long time now. And one thing we’ve learned is that organizations face some very common, yet critical problems that only robust property risk management software can effectively solve. The six big customer issues that come up time after time include: [...]

Meet the People of AssetWorks Risk Management

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Here at AssetWorks Risk Management our strength has always been in our people. Our team members who help create the software risk management solutions customers depend on... The property valuation experts who ensure clients receive the thorough property data that leads to the right policies at the right rates... And the folks who are [...]

New Video: Unearth the Buried Treasure of Accurate, Thorough Property Data

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In our latest video, AssetWorks Risk Management shows you how our software and services help risk pools and other organizations gather and harness the buried treasure that is accurate, thorough property insurance data. We hope you'll check it out! You Might Also Like...

Property Risk Management at the Movies

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If life were a movie, risk managers would have to plan accordingly. Here are a few movies to challenge the skills, nerves, and patience of even the best property risk managers. Ghostbusters The scene: In 1984, director Ivan Reitman introduced the world to the Ghostbusters, the paranormal investigators and eliminators who work [...]