How to Create a Successful Driver Reward Program | AssetWorks


Ultimate Guide to Creating a Successful Driver Reward Program With driver retention, it can be hard to correct unwanted behavior in drivers. Software, such as AssetWorks Field Service Solutions (FSS), is a great way to determine where driver behavior needs improvement- but data is useless if not addressed and corrected. Combining driver recognition and [...]

How Fleet Managers Make Up for List Time | AssetWorks


A Fleet Managers' Secret for Making Up for Lost Time Preventative maintenance may often feel like a waste of time and impossible to stay up to date with when it comes to your vehicle. With a fleet, regulations and policies require daily attention- making preventative maintenance even more challenging.  Putting off preventative maintenance to [...]

How to Improve Your Telematics ROI


How to Improve Your Telematics ROI Telematics solutions are powerful tools that can help manage your fleet and improve fleet efficiency. The more data provided by telematics, the more a fleet is equipped to optimize operations- from driver safety to fuel economy to preventative maintenance. Using your telematics data strategically will help decrease operational [...]

How to Audit Driver’s Hours-of-Service Logs┃AssetWorks


How to Audit Driver's Hours-of-Service Logs According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMSCA) data, approximately 20 percent of critical violations in 2020 were because of errors in the driver filing process. The FMSCA’s regulations do not explicitly state fleets need to audit their driver's logs, but fleets need to comply with safety [...]

The Reasons Behind the Ongoing Truck Driver Shortage


When entering any business, you now often find signs saying they are understaffed so excuse any delays. The trucking industry has also been dealing with understaffing and recruiting.   Before the pandemic, the industry was already dealing with a driver shortage which has led to the shortage reaching near historic highs. The American Trucking Association [...]

Press Release: AssetWorks FSS Now Certified for Canadian ELD Mandate


CALGARY, AB., April 14, 2022 AssetWorks Field Service Solutions (FSS), a leading provider of integrated mobile workforce and fleet management solutions, announced today its certification for the Canadian ELD Mandate through a new strategic partnership with VisTracks to provide ELD and Hours of Service solutions to organizations throughout Canada. With the partnership between AssetWorks [...]

Canadian ELD Mandate Update: Deadline Extended to January 1, 2023


March 15, 2022 The Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) recently announced an extension of the Canadian ELD Mandate deadline from June 2022 to January 1, 2023. The extension will allow for fleets across Canada to purchase and install certified ELD devices, as well as conduct appropriate training for drivers and staff. The [...]

Steps to Improve Your Organization’s Operational Efficiency


You may sometimes hear the term “efficient” when it comes to cars. If a car can get sixty miles per gallon of gas, the vehicle is fuel-efficient. To be efficient means being productive with little to no effort. Being efficient applies to many different situations, including in a business. If a business reduces production [...]