6 Traits to Look for When Hiring New Fleet Technicians


You can find different types of technicians in the industry, all of whom possess various skill levels and abilities. Despite their differences, there are still qualities that unify all the best technicians. Even with a technician shortage, managers must ensure they have the best technicians in the shop since they are responsible for keeping [...]

We Asked ChatGPT Common Fleet Management Questions- Here Are Its Answers


We Asked ChatGPT Common Fleet Management Questions. Here are Its Answers. For anyone unfamiliar, ChatGPT is the latest development of generative artificial intelligence (AI). The free software with a chatbot interacts with users conversationally by answering questions and composing various written content. ChatGPT was designed for customer service, but due to its 175 billion [...]

Press Release: The United States Postal Service (USPS) Selects AssetWorks FleetFocus for Fleet Management Information System (FMIS)


WAYNE, Pa. March 13, 2023 AssetWorks, a leading provider of integrated fleet, fuel, and asset management solutions, announced today that the United States Postal Service (USPS) has selected AssetWorks FleetFocus as its fleet management information system (FMIS). FleetFocus is an integrated fleet management information system capable of tracking unlimited assets, users, and locations. The [...]

7 Top Responsibilities of a Fleet Manager | AssetWorks


7 Top Responsibilities of a Fleet Manager You just ordered a last-minute item that must arrive by its estimated delivery date. Without a fleet manager, your delivery would either be delayed or not even delivered- as managers are responsible for planning the logistics of their fleet’s transportation. There is a lot more responsibility in [...]

Choosing the Best Fleet Management App | FleetFocus | AssetWorks


Guide to Choosing the Best Fleet Management App There are mobile apps for everything nowadays, and more fleets are investing in mobile applications. The goal of implementing mobile fleet software is to boost productivity and improve workflow- especially when paired with a robust fleet management platform. Integrative with Other Fleet Solutions Managers, technicians, and [...]