Choosing the Best Fleet Management App | FleetFocus | AssetWorks


Guide to Choosing the Best Fleet Management App There are mobile apps for everything nowadays, and more fleets are investing in mobile applications. The goal of implementing mobile fleet software is to boost productivity and improve workflow- especially when paired with a robust fleet management platform. Integrative with Other Fleet Solutions Managers, technicians, and [...]

How to be a Good Fleet Manager | Fleet Management | AssetWorks


How to be a Good Fleet Manager People aren’t born great fleet managers. It takes years of skill and talent development to gain the knowledge needed to become a true leader. Across all areas of fleet operations, managers are needed to increase fleet efficiency, improve driver safety, improve fuel efficiency, and optimize overall fleet [...]

What You Need to Know About Charging as a Service (CaaS)


Charging infrastructure is the most difficult part of fleet electrification, because of the immense planning, coordination, capital, and expertise that it requires. Increasingly, “Charging as a Service” or CaaS is discussed by fleets as a possible solution. CaaS is a different approach to fueling infrastructure than what most fleets are used to, but its [...]

2022 Fleet Management Trend Forecasting


Trend forecasting involves researching and developing data-backed predictions for different industries. There have been many documented trends throughout the fleet industry’s history, from the inception of barcoding on the shop floor to the integrated fleet and fuel management systems of today. AssetWorks has served the fleet management industry for over 40 years. Our team [...]