Meet Jason Sanderford: Unlocking the Right Tools for IT’s Evolution

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Jason Sanderford, AssetWorks’ new IT and Network Administrative Manager, came to the company in October 2022 with a passion for problem-solving and a quest for personal growth. In a few short months, he’s already carving this path with transformative learning opportunities and the energy to explore new solutions. Things were different back when Jason [...]

Meet Chris Gutierrez: An Analytical Eye on All the Angles

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Every morning Chris Gutierrez, General Manager of AssetWorks Risk Management, steps into his Miami, Florida office and raises the curtain on another day’s nimble, supervisory balancing act. As leadership for approximately 70 staff members, and the direct manager for six, Chris has learned the maneuvers needed to keep things moving at all levels of [...]

Meet Amanda Trueman: Building New Foundations in the Lone Star State

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When Amanda Trueman came to AssetWorks in mid-January of 2020, she had an eye for architecture and a thirst for change. She had been working in a property preservation organization, managing the vendors who clean and winterize foreclosed homes, to ensure the properties were in tip-top condition until the bank could resell them. But [...]

Meet Sylvia Kelley: AssetWorks’ Front-runner for Facts and Figures

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Twenty-six... That’s the number of years Sylvia Kelley has worked for AssetWorks. In her role as corporate accountant, Sylvia’s certainly no stranger to weighty numbers. But even in a firm where lengthy careers are quite common, Sylvia’s tenure is impressive. She joined the company back when AssetWorks was known as Valuation Resource Management and [...]

Meet Sandra McFarland: The Case of the Canny Counsel

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Sandra McFarland finds her energy in uncovering solutions. Which is a very good thing when you’re legal counsel to AssetWorks Risk Management and 15 other Volaris sister companies, as Sandra is; she’ll tell you, whether it’s leases, customer contracts, acquisition integration or any other legal issues that have made their way to her desk, [...]

Meet Justin Deem: AssetWorks’ Pace Coach for Project Milestones

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Justin Deem is AssetWorks’ Vice President of Appraisal Operations, overseeing company services through a financial lens, from project kickoff to completion. But it’s when he talks about his daily activities, you discover just how deftly he helps transition everyday goals for our customers into neatly-checked boxes on the project milestone chart. It’s an attention-to-detail [...]

Meet Gary Tate: The Man with a Project Plan

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If there were one word used to describe Gary Tate, AssetWorks’ Quality Control Manager in Pittsburgh, that word would be “thorough.” It’s his acute attention to detail — and the critical thinking behind it — that drives everything he does. This thoroughness is expressed in important and often subtle ways throughout his workday. While [...]

Meet Patrick Whitney: Appraisal’s Intrepid Enabler of Implementation


Patrick Whitney, Implementation Specialist for the AssetWorks' Risk Management team, has the unique ability to quietly make things happen. Whether it’s analyzing batches of property data and ushering them into the AMP product, customizing fields to match customers’ precise specs, or generating the reports that keep underwriters better-informed, Pat gets it done — all [...]

Meet Sandra Hou: The Knack for Making a Difference


Sandra Hou, Director of Appraisal Services -- West, has a compelling way of popping up wherever she’s needed. Which means her morning in the AssetWorks L.A. office might kick off with a kick-off meeting, supporting the sales team as a new customer begins their risk management journey. Then a quick lunch break might turn [...]

Meet Andy Ross: A Tale of Ice and ISO Classifications


When Andy Ross, AssetWorks Regional Appraisal Manager for the Jenkintown, Pennsylvania branch made the shift from professional minor league ice hockey to property valuations, he traded hip checks for data checking and one-point goals for project milestones. It became a winning opportunity. It will be twenty years ago this December that Andy started life [...]