Press Release: AssetWorks FSS Now Certified for Canadian ELD Mandate


CALGARY, AB., April 14, 2022 AssetWorks Field Service Solutions (FSS), a leading provider of integrated mobile workforce and fleet management solutions, announced today its certification for the Canadian ELD Mandate through a new strategic partnership with VisTracks to provide ELD and Hours of Service solutions to organizations throughout Canada. With the partnership between AssetWorks [...]

Now is the time to start getting ready for the ELD Mandate

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Request a Demo Transport Canada has set their deadline for the upcoming ELD Mandate for June 12, 2021, with no word of extending the deadline in sight. You might be a fleet company that is willing to roll the dice and wait to see about a future extension. History has shown though, that might [...]

What’s the Difference? Comparing Canada’s ELD Mandate Rules to the U.S. Rules

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June 2022 is approaching faster than you think. That date is when fleets in Canada have to switch from paper driver logs to electronic logging devices (ELDs). Although some had adopted the technology when the U.S. Mandate went into effect, many fleets will likely not be prepared when the June deadline hits. The big [...]

The Canadian ELD Mandate is coming, now what?

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Request a Demo The Canadian Minister of Transport mandated the use of ELDs (electronic logging devices) by federally regulated commercial truck and bus operators, completely replacing the use of paper-based daily logbooks. Although enforcement will not be until June of 2022, this was highly expected, as the U.S. had enforced their ELD Mandate a [...]

3 Benefits of an Electronic Logbook

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Request a Demo With the Canadian ELD Mandate deadline quickly approaching, the time to invest in an electronic logbook solution is now. Despite the impending deadline, it’s not uncommon for truck drivers to resist the idea of electronic logbooks. It is natural for employees to be skeptical of new technology [...]

[WEBINAR] AssetWorks ELDs: The Best Choice For Your Fleet

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Deciding on an ELD for your fleet is a complicated process because there is a wide range of ELD solutions available. It is important to make the right technology decision for your organization while considering your goals, cost, features, support, reliability, supplier credibility and of course, ELD compliance. In this webinar, Mike Koebel, a 25+ [...]