Top Tips to Maintain EV Chargers – EV Infrastructure | AssetWorks


Top Tips to Maintain City EV Charging Stations Local and state governments have started developing EV infrastructure, but their project progress varies. Local governments have identified more need for EV infrastructure as EV sales rapidly increase yearly. Even though some governments have been steadily deploying EV infrastructure throughout the past decade, the landscape is [...]

How Asset Management can Maximize EV Charger Uptime | AssetWorks


5 Ways Asset Management Can Maximize EV Charger Uptime Many electric vehicle chargers already have charger management software built into the charger, providing data on usage and current status, but the software may not be maximizing your chargers' uptime. Data from your charger software is beneficial, but retrieving data on your chargers' condition, service [...]

How Public Works can Prepare for Hurricane Season | AssetWorks


7 Questions to Help Public Works Prepare for an “Above Average” Hurricane Season Forecasters at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Climate Prediction Center are predicting above-average Atlantic hurricane activity in 2022. This hurricane season, which runs from June 1 to November 30, marks the seventh consecutive above-average season.Public works organizations are often one [...]

7 Responsibilities of a Public Works Director


The public works sector includes various departments: water and sewage treatment plants, utilities and equipment maintenance, parks, streets, and more. Without a public works director, there would be no supervision of departmental activities. This requires directors to demonstrate technical skills, management responsibilities, and project management. Directors obtain these skills by receiving a degree in [...]

How Public Works Can Use Social Media for Civic Engagement


5 Ways Public Works Can Use Social Media for Civic Engagement Civic engagement is a recurring challenge for public works organizations across the United States. From public meetings to email blasts, popular strategies for communication vary in success. While no form of communication is a guaranteed winner, some public works organizations are finding [...]

How to Prevent Heavy Rainfall From Damaging Your Infrastructure


Every decade the annual rainfall in the United States increases by almost a quarter of an inch.  Though some regions see less rain than others, the trend has caused communities to rethink their infrastructure. Many communities can be found implementing green infrastructure to eliminate the costly damage from heavy rain and flooding. Green Infrastructure [...]

Is Your Organization Prepared to Manage and Maintain EV Chargers?


Transportation electrification is happening rapidly. Businesses and government agencies are installing more electric vehicle chargers each year than ever before, however, procurement is not the finish line. EV chargers require regular maintenance and monitoring after installation. When and if chargers develop issues and go-out-service, there are immediate negative effects. Public agencies [...]

7 Reasons to Stop Using Spreadsheets for Scheduling


Did you know 90% of spreadsheets contain errors? Businesses don’t often utilize spreadsheets correctly, which leads to challenges in maintenance planning and scheduling. Spreadsheets were designed to organize data so data could be manipulated to calculate different elements. Spreadsheets are very versatile, so they are found in many businesses. Despite spreadsheets being popular, they [...]

5 Reasons Cybersecurity is Important for Cities and Counties


It’s not just businesses that are the victim of cybercrime, public city and county organizations are being attacked now as well. In many business cases, sensitive data like credit card numbers are released. In the realm of public organizations, constituents’ valuable personal information (even social security numbers) can be retrieved by the thieves. At [...]