Press Release: The United States Postal Service (USPS) Selects AssetWorks FleetFocus for Fleet Management Information System (FMIS)


WAYNE, Pa. March 13, 2023 AssetWorks, a leading provider of integrated fleet, fuel, and asset management solutions, announced today that the United States Postal Service (USPS) has selected AssetWorks FleetFocus as its fleet management information system (FMIS). FleetFocus is an integrated fleet management information system capable of tracking unlimited assets, users, and locations. The [...]

How to Increase Community Health and Well-Being | AssetWorks


How to Increase Community Health and Well-Being When you think about the many programs and services parks and recreation provides, you probably think of sports, summer camps, physical activities, or other leisure activities. Over the past decade, we have seen some new programs launched in parks and recreation designed to further community health. With [...]

What is Public Works? | AssetWorks


What is Public Works? Citizens may not comprehend how heavily public works is relied upon in their community and how much of a role they play in their day-to-day lives. Public works maintain sanitary, storm, and wastewater systems, street lighting and signal systems, equipment maintenance, and street systems maintenance. Definition of Public Works If [...]

Parks and Recreation Should Care About Marketing | AssetWorks


Why Parks and Recreation Professionals Should Care About Marketing For parks and recreation professionals, community engagement is vital to achieving goals and building upon long-term success, but what is the best way to communicate with your citizens? While traditional channels of in-person meetings, printed flyers, and even email newsletters are tried-and-true methods of reaching [...]

Top Trends for Parks and Recreation in 2023


5 Trends for Parks and Recreation in 2023  Your citizens have high expectations for your community’s parks. With 2023 officially upon us, it’s an important time for Parks and Recreation professionals to look towards the industry’s top trends. Is your department prepared to meet them? Conducting accessibility audits  Since the Americans with Disabilities [...]

Take Your Infrastructure to The Next Level | GIS | AssetWorks


Take Your Infrastructure to The Next Level  With GIS Daily, public works employees utilize their asset management software to streamline workflow processes, but without integrating geographic information systems (GIS), operations may not achieve their full potential.  Enterprises that use GIS see improvement in facility maintenance, fleet management, infrastructure maintenance, and more. Lucky for [...]