Top 6 Reasons Why Your Investment in AssetWorks Software Maintenance Matters

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One of the key pieces of your investment in AssetWorks products is something you might not know all that much about: annual software maintenance. But what are you actually investing in there? Since it might not be so clear, we've compiled the top six reasons software maintenance matters to you. #6: We focus specifically [...]

Using the Calendar to Schedule Fleet Maintenance with YOUR Schedule


The Calendar Conflict Tired of preventive maintenance (PM) sneaking up on you and benching your valuable vehicles? If you said yes, you’re not alone. PMs end up being a headache for fleet managers across the globe. In fact, unscheduled PMs have resulted in a number of problems, such as: PMs become scheduled outside working [...]

AssetWorks Earns Coveted Spot at Commercial Fleet Awards 2018


This year’s Commercial Fleet Awards will host a number of impressive fleet and fleet-related organisations. On 29 November 2018, these organisations will gather at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole to celebrate each other’s accomplishments and to ultimately reveal who has won each category. This year, AssetWorks produced a strong showing by earning a coveted [...]

GIS: Helping to Put the “Safety” Back in “Public Safety”


If there is one thing your community experiences and cares about on a daily basis, it’s public safety. Through public transportation, walking down streets with or without streetlights, calling emergency services or experiencing some sort of natural disaster or weather phenomenon, your citizens are consistently engaged in potentially dangerous situations. They deserve to know [...]

The Future of Government and Fleet Management with GIS Data


Picture this: you’ve achieved your lifetime goal of becoming a high-ranking government official. People come to you for wisdom and advice regarding the affairs of the community and region with which you are associated. How do you come up with the answers to the questions you’re asked? You could go out firsthand and experience [...]

Welcome to the AssetWorks Academy 2019 Preshow!


The AssetWorks Academy is the premier fleet and asset management training event. The Academy includes four days of continuing education and networking, including classroom and hands-on training covering AssetWorks software; discussions with leaders about industry topics and brainstorming with your peers. As you can see, the excitement has been building ever since we announced [...]