When Enough is Enough – 5 Tips to Providing “Just the Right” Information


We live in a fast paced world where the right information is literally at our fingertips. All too easily, we can be overwhelmed by vast amounts of data, communication information, directives and much more. If we’re not careful, we suddenly will lose our direction while swimming through data that we can’t interpret or analyze [...]

How to Kill 2 Birds with 1 Stone: Go Paperless and Keep the Technician at his Bay


Are you frustrated by seeing your fleet technicians running furiously from the bay to the office to a separate workstation to the parts room and back again, all while handling paperwork that could get lost? If you’re thinking, “there has got to be a better way,” – well, you’d be absolutely right. A paperless, [...]

5 Reasons why Hardware Requirements Matter for Effective Fleet Management


Have you had a moment at your desk where you are tempted to slump your head onto your keyboard because some your devices or hardware are crashing or slowing to a crawl? Don’t worry – we’ve all been there. Fortunately, this is one of the simplest problems to fix in the hardware/software world. If [...]

5 Mobile Devices for Unique Fleet Scenarios: Are you Covered?


Serena Worobel, Product Director Being mobile in today’s world means a lot of different things to different people. Whether your fleet technicians want to track their work in their fleet management system or your drivers want to submit a vehicle issue on-the-go, there are many solutions available to fit your unique requirements. But with [...]

This… is… the AssetWorks Game Show! How well do you know your software?


The rules of this game are simple, similar to the popular TV show, Jeopardy. Below is a grid of answers, each with an assigned point value. Before hovering over any tile, read the answer it presents and guess the question associated with it. Hovering over a tile with your mouse (or touching it on [...]

The Importance of Reading your Software Documentation


When you purchase a new car, kitchen appliance, computer system or other household gadget, what is the first thing you do? More than likely, you read the instructions, owner’s manual or related notices and documents. Why, then, should you treat your new software and hardware purchases any differently? If your organization is adopting a [...]

New to Fleet Management: 5 Things to Consider for New Fleet Customers


Any organization that integrates vehicles for use within their business should strongly consider implementing a fleet management software solution. The purpose of fleet management software helps to provide the fleet manager the ability to comprehensively manage the following: Vehicle Acquisition Maintenance and Repair Fuel Management Parts and Inventory Budget and Forecasting The ability to [...]

Why Does a Software Implementation Fail? How Can You Prevent It?


Projects of all kinds fail for a myriad of reasons. Whether it is scope creep, failure to adhere to a Scope of Work (SOW), organizational dysfunction, personality conflicts or technical limitations, a project may end up not working out. Common risks have a tendency to doom any project if not recognized and mitigated early [...]

Electronic Ticketing and your Daily Routine: How can you Improve?


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is taking steps every day to move more into paperless safety standards. This move aims to optimize record keeping, formatting and just the simpleness of reminding staff members to complete certain tasks to stay in compliance. Some fleets and businesses have really embraced the paperless approach [...]