AssetWorks Risk Management: A Growing Team Serving Up Customer Success

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At AssetWorks, we consider ourselves successful when our customers are successful. And in that spirit of collective winning, we’ve been building up our risk management team to keep pace with our customers’ needs for quality services. We started by opening a brand-new San Antonio office in 2022, to better serve the Western U.S. Heading [...]

Webinar Recap: What is CMMC 2.0 and what does it mean for Government Property Manager professionals?

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ICYMI: Thanks to all who attended, we had a great webinar session that covered what is CMMC 2.0 and what does it mean for Government Property Manager professionals. In the webinar we covered what is CMMC 2.0, how to achieve compliance and even how to engage with your IT team to ensure that your [...]

How to Improve Your Telematics ROI │ AssetWorks


How to Improve Your Telematics ROI Telematics solutions are powerful tools that can help manage your fleet and improve fleet efficiency. The more data provided by telematics, the more a fleet is equipped to optimize operations- from driver safety to fuel economy to preventative maintenance. Using your telematics data strategically will help decrease operational [...]

How to Audit Driver’s Hours-of-Service Logs┃AssetWorks


How to Audit Driver's Hours-of-Service Logs According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMSCA) data, approximately 20 percent of critical violations in 2020 were because of errors in the driver filing process. The FMSCA’s regulations do not explicitly state fleets need to audit their driver's logs, but fleets need to comply with safety [...]

Webinar Recap: Recoup Speaker Series, Equipment Lifecycle Management with UCSD

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ICYMI: For our inaugural Recoup Speaker Series event, AssetWorks hosted the property management team at the University of California San Diego for a conversation on the value of building partnerships and collaboration across the asset lifecycle. Led by Jamie Wheat, UCSD's Capital Equipment Manager, the virtual panel discussion focused on the importance of people [...]

7 Responsibilities of a Public Works Director


The public works sector includes various departments: water and sewage treatment plants, utilities and equipment maintenance, parks, streets, and more. Without a public works director, there would be no supervision of departmental activities. This requires directors to demonstrate technical skills, management responsibilities, and project management. Directors obtain these skills by receiving a degree in [...]

Goodbye Silo Effect: How a RMIS Opens Up Greater Effectiveness

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Organizations talk about the importance of collaboration, communication and information-sharing, but the Silo Effect remains a very real challenge— and it affects everything, including a company’s workflow and ability to manage risk. You’ll recognize it in duplicated efforts, inefficiencies, workarounds, and departments that focus narrowly on their own efforts without examining how they’re a part [...]

How Public Works Can Use Social Media for Civic Engagement


5 Ways Public Works Can Use Social Media for Civic Engagement Civic engagement is a recurring challenge for public works organizations across the United States. From public meetings to email blasts, popular strategies for communication vary in success. While no form of communication is a guaranteed winner, some public works organizations are finding [...]

How to be a Good Fleet Manager | Fleet Management | AssetWorks


How to be a Good Fleet Manager People aren’t born great fleet managers. It takes years of skill and talent development to gain the knowledge needed to become a true leader. Across all areas of fleet operations, managers are needed to increase fleet efficiency, improve driver safety, improve fuel efficiency, and optimize overall fleet [...]