Press Release: AssetWorks Announces Partnership with ChargePoint for Electric Vehicle Charging


WAYNE, Pa., Dec. 5, 2019 AssetWorks, a leading provider of integrated fleet and fuel management software solutions, announced today a strategic reseller partnership with ChargePoint to provide electric vehicle (EV) charging hardware and cloud-based solutions to its fleet and asset management customers. ChargePoint is a market leader in EV charging, with an open network, [...]

5 Tips to Reducing Asset Maintenance and Repair Costs: Reporting Edition!


Fleet management is not a simple task! Finding ways to reduce maintenance and repair costs to the fleet can seem even more daunting. Enter: FleetFocus, AssetWorks’ fleet management software. While giving your organization a platform to easily keep track of parts, assets and employees, it can also help you reduce the overall costs associated [...]

Capabilities of Consolidating Data: Is your Fleet Management Software a Superhero?


When you think of superheroes, what are some words and images that come to mind? Heroic, brave, and moral? Probably, but lots of people have those qualities without being superheroes. So, what sets them apart? Simply put: the possession of superpowers sets these groups apart. Superheroes are capable of incredible feats that the ordinary [...]

What to Look for in a Mobile Inventory Solution

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If you’re in inventory and asset management, you’re probably only too aware of how the “fixed” in “fixed assets” isn’t referring to the asset’s location. You know that day-in and day-out, your inventory is in perpetual flux. And not only can it shift in the blink of an eye, it can also have a [...]

How to Prepare Fleet Data for Life Cycle Cost Analysis


Marc Knight, CAFM  Senior Industry Consultant, AssetWorks One of the key responsibilities of a fleet manager is to minimize the capital and operating costs of the fleet they manage. An important tool to accomplish that is life-cycle cost analysis. Effective life-cycle cost analysis can determine how long assets can remain in the fleet [...]

Government Surplus Asset Management at the Movies

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When you’re as obsessed with government surplus property as we are, you may start noticing its presence in some pretty unexpected places. For instance, how it plays out in popular movies. Today, we thought we’d share just a few movies that feature government surplus property as an element in the plot and discuss what [...]