3 Benefits of Upgrading (or Investing in) Fuel Management Island Controllers


If you’re currently utilizing fuel Island Controllers, or you’re thinking of investing in them, you may be tempted to stick with the status quo. You also might think that the cheapest, fastest option will be the most convenient for your fleet. More likely than not, those solutions will cause you more headaches and ultimately [...]

Capitalizing on Capital Planning: 3 Steps to Plan Success


Does your organization have a strategic asset management tool? If it does, then you should be familiar with streamlined capital planning procedures. Hopefully, this blog will encourage you to try new approaches to capital planning. If your organization does not – then get ready. Let’s capitalize on your capital planning and upgrade your organization [...]

3 Questions to Ensure you are Making the Most with your Fleet Workshops


It’s pretty easy to tell if your fleet workshop is ahead of schedule and running efficiently: your technicians may have free time and your garage bays may be empty. But is this a sign that your fleet workshop is too efficient? It sounds ridiculous, right? Imagine that you could fill those garage bays with [...]

7 Tips for Incorporating Risk into your Fleet Management Plan


Did you know that the Federal Highway Administration now requires State DOTs to develop a risk-based fleet management plan? If you need to successfully integrate risk into your fleet management plans, you need to follow several key principles: Tip #1: Gain Top-Down Support In order to succeed with your risk-based fleet management plan, [...]

Announcing the Academy Keynote Speaker and Collaboration Track!


So who is the Academy Keynote speaker? Each year, the AssetWorks team works hard to ensure our customers' success at the AssetWorks Academy. The Academy is an excellent opportunity for our customers to continue their software education and network with other fleet and asset management professionals from across North America and the United [...]