How to Avoid New Orleans’s $190,000 Mistake

After issuing nearly 8,900 erroneous parking tickets, the city of New Orleans is in big trouble.

Over the past year, parking enforcers have issued tickets to legally parked commuters. Tickets were issued for legally parked delivery trucks. License plate mix-ups, and incorrect time stamps and wrong dates riddled parking tickets.

These mistakes created a costly problem for the city.

This year, the tally for this blunder will cost the Big Easy about $190,000, according to the inspector general.

Dealing with the tickets is pricey. Ticket dismissal alone costs the city $24.65 to dismiss a $30.00 ticket.

New Orleans is not alone.

Across the country, ticketing errors cost municipalities and campuses each year.

So, how do you prevent the “human error factor” in your parking enforcement?

  1. Leverage mobile parking solutions

Provide your parking staff with mobile parking enforcement to issue tickets on the spot. This reduces the risk of inaccurate entries or incorrect data transfers. Issuing tickets via handheld devices increases accuracy. The instant ticketing process eliminates steps that could lead to data errors.

  1. Integrate parking data in one spot

When officers can access permit information with the tap of a screen, they can easily  verify parking permissions. Mobile access to this information allows officers to confirm permissions while on patrol. Access to critical data minimizes the risk of errant parking citations. This both saves man hours and reduces incorrect ticketing.

  1. Offer web-based appeals

Mistakes happen. Even when appropriately ticketed, commuters call tickets into question. Save time (and man hours) by establishing a web-based appeals system. You can do this via software systems designed to integrate with one another.

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