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Getting the Word Out on AiM – How to Train Your People with Effective and Dynamic Training Tools

University of North Carolina Wilmington
Presented by Ellen Boyd and Michael Last

Session Description

Your institution has purchased AiM. Now what? How do you get the word out to the individuals who are going to be using it? This session explores how to build a sustainable training module to fit your needs and your audience. This workshop will show you how to customize the training experience for your target audiences and will implement participant engagement techniques and ideas to make it a memorable experience. It will also show you how to utilize existing systems at your institution for training promotion, registration and sustainability while using technology in your live training to create an online training experience.

Learning Objectives

1. Customize AiM training to fit the audience
2. Utilize existing avenues to promote training, registration and online training
3. Make training dynamic, engaging and sustainable

Presenter Information

Ellen Boyd, Assistant Director, Facilities Administration – Work Control and Service Contracts

Ellen has been with UNCW in the Facilities Department for 13 years. During that time, she has held various roles involving work control management and training.

Michael Last, AiM System Administrator

Michael joined Facilities from the Registrar’s Office and has been the AiM System Administrator for the past 5 years. As the main faces of AiM, they are passionate about helping UNCW employees “make the system work for them”. They bring a working knowledge and understanding to a system all university employees use to keep their campus functioning in their daily work.