AssetWorld Agenda – What’s New in Space2018-12-04T14:18:09-04:00

What’s New in Space?

Presented by Steve Hanes

Session Description

Highlighting new features and functionality in AiM Space Management. A special emphasis will be placed on the exciting new graphic reporting features in AiMCAD.

Presenter Information

Steve Hanes’ career took a turn in the late 80’s. One Friday afternoon, while working for US Sprint, his boss dropped off two boxes and said, “Go learn these.” The boxes contained software: AutoCAD 2.6 and RBase 5000. Steve’s entire career since has been a direct result of teaching himself that weekend. Since that fateful Friday, Steve has worked in a number of Sales Engineering, Management, and Executive roles for such companies as ACAD-Plus, FAMIS/Accruent, MD Anderson Cancer Center, and, of course, AssetWorks. He has provided consulting services to nearly 200 organizations ranging from Higher Education to State & County Government to Manufacturing and Warehousing. While knowledgeable about the full range of Enterprise IWMS, his specialty is Space Management and utilization, especially as it relates to Indirect Cost Recovery. In his spare time, Steve enjoys wine tasting and boating (not at the same time), and traveling with his wife.