AssetWorld Agenda – Syncing Up with Go Asset Management2019-01-22T16:32:07-04:00

Syncing Up with Go Asset Management

Presented by Ward Christian

Session Description

AssetSync is one of the newest software offerings from AssetWorks, designed to assist customers with the tedious process of Asset Management.  AssetSync allows the import, export, and review/approval of assets to allow for a ‘one stop shop’ in managing your assets rather than having multiple pieces of software that don’t communicate.  Once assets have been processed through AssetSync, users are then able to continue their management of these assets in the field through the use of Go Asset Management.  Go Asset Management provides customers with the ability to edit assets on the fly in the field, perform inspections of assets, enter meter readings, and has the added functionality to go offline whenever data connectivity is poor or not available so that work can continue unhindered.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding basic functions and interconnectedness of AssetSync and Go Asset Management.
  • The ability to understand and manipulate asset data within Excel for import into AiM.
  • Finding and fixing import errors in AssetSync review.
  • Understanding and completing Go Asset Management Inspections.
  • Go Asset Management offline capabilities.
  • Navigating through Go Asset Management.

Presenter Information

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