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There’s a Template for That – Using ReADY Request for More Than Just Work Orders

Western Washington University
Presented by Julie Larmore &

Session Description

Since going live with ReADY/AiM/Go in June of 2018, Western Washington University has found several applications of the ReADY system that do not result in the system generating a work order in AiM. Requests such as time card adjustments, surplus, travel/training, fueling, and new equipment are now templates in our ReADY system for our Internal Facilities Management staff use. These templates have streamlined many of our formerly paper-based processes and have made the work flows and statuses more transparent.

This session will walk users through the use cases, template and workflow for each application mentioned above and discuss our methodology for developing and managing these template types.

Learning Outcomes

  1. All ReADY request workflows do not have to end in work order generation
  2. The versatility of the ReADY Request platform and how it can integrate into processes that may or may not touch AiM/Go
  3. Ways to approach building non-work order based templates
  4. Lessons learned from implementing these templates at Western Washington University

Julie LarmorePresenter Bio

Julie Larmore, MBA, MPA, CEFP
Assistant Director, Facilities Financial & Business Services

Julie Larmore has worked in Facilities Management for over 13 years. Now in her fourth year at Western Washington University, she oversees 14 FTE across the areas of Customer Services, Technology Operations, Management & Data Analysis, Purchasing, Budget & Accounting, Fleet & Equipment Management & Fleet Maintenance. She is the Business Owner for Western’s ReADY/AiM/Go systems and was the Co-Project Manager for the system implementation. Prior to coming to Western, Julie was the Director, Business & Strategic Operations for Facilities Management at Southern Utah University for 9 years.

Julie holds a Certified Educational Facilities Professional (CEFP) designation from APPA. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems from Utah State University and a Master of Business Administration and Master of Public Administration both from Southern Utah University.