AssetWorld Agenda – Takin’ Care of Business (with ReADY Vendor)2019-02-25T17:53:11-04:00

Takin’ Care of Business (with ReADY Vendor)

Presented by Glenn Adams

Session Description

Every day and in every way vendors assist us serving our customers. AiM incorporates vendors throughout the application and now it’s time we design an externally facing interface to make it even easier for them to receive assignments, coordinate and make updates, communicate, and invoice us for their work. Come discuss our initial thoughts as we put the final touches on forming our ReADY Vendor SIG. One of the final members may just be you!

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the logical milestones and goals of the ReADY Vendor SIG
  • Learn more about the SIG process and how you can join
  • Identify and collaborate with other like-minded SIG members regarding ReADY Vendor

Presenter Information

Glenn Adams is a Senior Product Manager at AssetWorks, responsible for driving strategy and requirements for the CPPM and ANA modules of AiM and the ReADY family of self-service applications. Hereceived his Management of Information Systems degree from Auburn University after a six-year enlistment in the Navy and has worked in enterprise software for 15 years, 6 of those with AssetWorks.