AssetWorld Agenda – ReADY-to-Go! What Happened to AiM???2019-02-22T15:05:41-04:00

ReADY-to-Go! What Happened to AiM?

Presented by Cricket Manjarrez

Session Description

Clear your mind and step into the land of facilities services unicorns.  We will take a ride on the AiM Bypass to uncover the “almost” touch-less work order.  From the moment of request, right up to the work being in progress, everything in-between can be completely automated.  To ensure this we will discuss the different requirements to make a work order ready for action and how they can be applied or not.  That criteria will then be put into action to demonstrate the full, work management power of the ReADY, AiM, Go trifecta!

It’s true this may not be for every request, however, system capabilities provide tremendous potential for a large majority.  The best part of this transition, is it can be adopted in part, or in full.  There are several smaller steps that can be immediately put to use towards increased automation.  This list of bite-size chunks will be broken into internally manageable tasks while outlining the payoffs in productivity.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define services that may be candidates for the AiM Bypass
  • Submit a request through ReADY, directly onto a mobile assignment
  • Understand the integral setup of problem codes and work codes
  • Discuss workflow handling and how business processes are applied
  • Breakdown the automated process into smaller pieces
  • Discussion of best practices to apply system changes over time

Presenter Information:

Cricket has been with AssetWorks for nearly 3 years now and is a member of the Professional Services team (aka the Road Warriors). She is a former AiM customer, coming from GWU where she was the Production Control Manager and before that the Preventive Maintenance Coordinator. She has over 16 years of experience with data management in maintenance, facilities and operations. During her time in the industry, she took many opportunities to work directly with the “feet on the ground”, to gain a clear understanding of a process or a particular challenge. She has a passion for enhancing everyone’s service experience by utilizing technology and communication.