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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Queries

Medical University of South Carolina
Presented by Jennifer Hoel, Andy Gelasco & Rick Terhune

Session Description

MUSC is leveraging IQ graphical reports to dramatically improve Preventive Maintenance completion rates and overall Work Order completion. Previously, we had been encouraging work management processes through a multitude of queries written by our AiM support team and manually added to supervisors’ and managers’ WorkDesks. While this was helpful and allowed supervisors to see Work Orders in various statuses and by assigned technician, it wasn’t helping them assess real-time needs. By creating graphic IQ Dashboards from custom IQ data sources, we are now providing an intuitive tool that allows supervisors to quickly assess Work Order progress and manage technicians and workload in real-time. As an added bonus, by using the AiM Report Manager, we can filter the Dashboards by Role and push them to the people who need them, freeing our AiM support team from managing hundreds of queries.

We will show samples of our PM Completion and Open Work Order IQ dashboards and walk through their IQ Data Sources, as well as discuss the work processes that they drive.

Learning Objectives

  1. Use bold, visual graphics to drive real processes. Arrange the data in a clear and simple graphs so managers can understand it intuitively.
  2. Leverage IQ by beginning with a concise data source. Don’t confuse the goal with excess information. Don’t make your team dig for information and don’t show extraneous details.
  3. Take advantage of the WorkDesk. Push IQ Dashboards and Reports as ‘Reports’ in AiM, rather than manually managing queries.

Presenter Information

Jennifer Hoel
Director of Facilities Information Systems
Medical University of South Carolina

Jennifer Hoel is the Director of Facilities Information Systems at the Medical University of South Carolina, one of the nation’s top academic health science centers. She is responsible for the implementation, upkeep, and growth of the MUSC integrated work management system, striving to improve business operations, maintenance service, and construction management through the innovative and effective use of technology. With a goal of continuous process improvement in mind, she and her team work hand in hand with management and front line workers alike to ensure that the systems, devices, and data support the mission of excellence in maintaining and improving the academic, business, clinical, and laboratory facilities of our beautiful campus.

Andy Gelasco
Facilities Information Systems Project Manager
Medical University of South Carolina

Andy Gelasco is the Facilities Information Systems Project Manager at the Medical University of South Carolina, where he has worked for the last 2 years. He is responsible for managing the facilities related data systems and creating analysis tools and reports for both internal facilities departments and external financial, administrative, clinical and academic groups. Most recently, he is responsible for the implementation and management of the ReADY request module to replace MUSC’s Facilities customer requests processes. Prior to joining the facilities team at MUSC, he oversaw the MUSC Space Management office for 7 years and worked on the implementation of the AiM Space Management, Property, and Lease modules.

Rick Terhune
Business Manager
Medical University of South Carolina

Rick is the Director of Facilities Finance for the Combined Facilities Group and has been with MUSC for 23 years. His areas of responsibility include budgeting, accounting, billing, accounts payable, IT, procurement, material management and contract maintenance services. He has responsibility for budgets totaling over $137M annually for the Utilities and Maintenance activities of the Enterprise. Rick is a 1975 graduate of the College of Charleston with a BS Degree in Business Administration, Economics, and Accounting and is a certified Public Accountant.