AssetWorld Agenda – Metrics in AiM: From the Beginning2019-02-22T15:14:21-04:00

Metrics in AiM: From the Beginning

Presented by Lee Harding

Session Description

Persona-based metrics in AiM… “You were meant to be here, from the beginning.” Attend this session to learn how the Metrics that Matter initiative is bringing new business intelligence into AiM itself. You will also gain insight into the MtM CAB input and the new AssetWorks metric design for ease-of-use, standards alignment, and flexibility.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how the Metrics that Matter (MtM) CAB is helping bring metrics into AiM.
  • Understand the MtM design principles.
  • Understand MtM alignment to standards.
  • See a metric in action using its REST API.
  • See how metrics will look in AiM.

Presenter Information

Lee Harding is a Product Manager at AssetWorks, and leads the Metrics that Matter Initiative to add meaningful, persona-based metrics to the AiM IWMS. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Physics from San Diego State University, and worked as an applications engineer in the test and measurement industry for 8 years before joining AssetWorks in Spring ’18.