AssetWorld Agenda – Just Like Starting Over (with ReADY Space)2019-02-22T14:05:43-05:00

 Just Like Starting Over (with ReADY Space)

Presented by Eric Hougen

Session Description
The ReADY Space SIG re-envisions space management. What is the new direction of this long-awaited endeavor?

Learning Objectives

Top Priorities of ReADY Space SIG

  • How to crowd-source space management using ReADY Space
  • Leverage industry-leading tools from Autocad and Google Maps
  • Self Service on Easy-to-use platform
  • Mapping, Revit and 2D floor plans
  • Customizable Space Survey template

Presenter Details:

Eric Hougen joined Assetworks in June, 2019 in a Product Manager role, and is responsible for ReADY Space. He is a graduate of University of Iowa and George Washington University. He worked at GWU as Director of Technology and Information Management, where he had the opportunity to implement several Assetworks solutions.