AssetWorld Agenda – Data Source Management in AiM IQ2019-01-22T17:35:12-04:00

Data Source Management in AiM IQ

Presented by Tyler Faeth

Session Description

Data source Management is a critical IQ component for accurate Interactive and Analytical reporting. Creating and modifying data sources can give you a better understanding of how the data cubes works as well as the ability to modify the data to meet reporting needs. Data sources can be created by using a custom SQL query to call exactly the information you are looking for or by selecting database tables from a list. Custom multidimensional data models allow for real-time reporting that can be uniquely tailored for your Organization.

Learning outcomes:  

  • Importing and Exporting Data Sources
  • Creating Data Sources using SQL
  • Creating Data Sources from the table list
  • Modifying an existing Data Source
  • Managing available dimensions and measures for reporting

Presenter Information

Tyler Faeth started out at a small consulting company 5 years ago where he implemented and supported AiM and IQ for AssetWorks customers. He then joined the AssetWorks Customer Care Team in January 2018. Tyler has a BS in Information Systems from the California State University of Fresno. In his spare time he enjoys exploring San Antonio with his wife and experiencing all things Texas.