AssetWorld Agenda – Enhancing AiM/CPPM with the Theory of Constraints (TOC)2019-01-22T17:31:10-05:00

Enhancing AiM/CPPM with the Theory of Constraints (TOC)

State of Utah, Division of Facilities and Construction Management (DFCM)

Presented by Jerry Sheets 

Session Description

The Theory of Constraints is the cornerstone of the methodologies that have gotten the State of Utah recognized as the best managed state in the Union for the last few years. The State of Utah has seen dramatic increases in productivity across several of its agencies. DFCM has undertaken applying the TOC concepts to its construction management processes to dramatically improve its ability to manage projects. In this session we will explore how TOC creates a new mindset for process improvement and how AiM CPPM can be used to exploit these benefits.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Basic concepts of Process Improvement using the Theory of Constraints (TOC)
  2. How the Theory of Constraints applies to facilities and construction management
  3. How DFCM implemented TOC with AiM CPPM

Presenter Bios

Jerry Sheets is an IT consultant and trainer working with the State of Utah and AiM since 2001. He was introduced to the Theory of Constraints several years ago after reading Dr. Eli Goldratt’s book ‘The Goal’ and became a serious student of the methodology when he recognized its simplicity and common sense approach. Shortly after that, the State of Utah made the same discovery and made TOC the focal point of all its process improvement efforts. In addition to the State of Utah, Jerry has also consulted with other TOC advocates such as Delta Airlines and Brault Practice Solutions. Jerry graduated from the University of North Texas and attended Graduate School at the University of Texas Dallas. He has a passion for self-improvement and is a certified trainer for True Colors, Insight Learning Foundation and Myers Briggs. He is an active member of PMI (Project Management Institute), the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysts) and Toastmasters.